If you saw my Highs and Lows of 2019 tag post you would know I took the leap into learning to drive at the end of last year by taking and passing my Theory Test. This was a big thing for my confidence and once I’d passed all my fears of driving somewhat disappeared, I couldn’t wait to start my lessons and get on the road. I had been out driving with Daddy bear for years (always on private land and done safely) so I knew the basics but it was still slightly nerve-racking the thought of actually learning to drive.

I decided to get Christmas out the way first and make sure I was fully recovered from my surgery back in September. Once we were in the new year I reached out to a handful of driving instructors to get some quotes for their hourly rates and availability. After a few days of talking to different instructors, I decided I wanted a female instructor just for the fact I knew I would be more comfortable. Once I decided that I booked my first lesson in with the instructor I liked the best. I found the going rate was £30 per hour and with Gemma from ClovHer if I block-booked 10 hours I got a discounted price to £280. I decided to have 1 lesson to make sure I got on with G before booking 10 Hours.

My first hour went amazing so I went ahead and booked the 10 hours. After doing another 1-hour lesson I decided I wanted to do 2hour lessons each week so we had more time to get things done each lesson. This obviously meant I used my 10 hours quickly but it was worth it. I had my last 2 hours out of my 10 hours Monday and I’ve learned so much, I’ve not got long left before I can take my test.

I have learned all my maneuvers other than emergency stop which I have aced my first try. I think this has helped me keep my confidence up and kept me motivated. Don’t get me wrong there are things I still need to work on like checking my left -hand wing mirror (I’m good at checking my right-hand wing mirror and rearview mirror but not so much my left one). I also need to work on changing into 2nd gear when slowing down or coming upto a junction. I do change down just not every time so I need to work on that some more but other than that I’ve got everything else. I have been really lucky that learning to drive has come really natural and easy for me.

After speaking to Gemma she thinks I will only need around 6 more hours before being in the position to take my test which is so exciting. I set myself a goal at the start of learning to drive that I wanted to be passed by Baby bears birthday in June. I looking at being passed way before then which is amazing, I’m so excited to be on the road and have more freedom. Hopefully, it won’t be long and I’ll be able to give you another update sharing the news I’ve passed my driving test.

I can’t take all the credit though, I think having a great driving instructor who you get on with really helps. If you’re looking to start driving in Skegness or surrounding areas I can’t recommend Gemma enough. You can find her on the Clover website or on Facebook.

This ins’t a paid promotion and I get nothing in return for this. I haven’t been asked to say anything. This is my own opinion.