So its that time of year again and our little friend Elf on the Shelf has returned to many of our homes. We all run out of ideas for our little visitors (pain in the arses) so I thought I’d share some of our elf Snowball got up to last year to help you out. Some of these are effortless while others take a little more setting up so you can pick one depending on your energy level that day.

Every year most of our elves arrive with our little ones advents in toe so here is 2 ideas on how they an arrive:

So now our elf has landed in our homes we have to move him every night and give him different things to do. All to see that little smile and the excitement of our little ones (which is so worth it). So here are some of my more out there ideas for you to try with your elf:

So here are my little to no effort ideas for what you can do with your elf on the shelf during their visit. Yes there are more of these, lets be honest we all loose the will to live with them after about a week. Anyways here we go:

Then on Snowballs last night with us he brings Baby bears Christmas Eve box which is another easy one to set up really. Last year we just sat him with the box but this year I think I’m going to print a goodbye letter for Baby bear.

I have lots more ideas for Snowball this year so I will keep you all update over on Instagram each night. Please comment below and share what your elfs are getting up to, I would love to see and get some new ideas for our little visitor.