Cheeky Boy,

Your 5 today! 5…. How is that even possible, you were only my tiny baby last week, and how you’re my big 5 years old. You seem to be getting so much older and wiser each day and I couldn’t be prouder of you. So much has been thrown at you this past year from lockdowns, not seeing family, finishing nursery, starting school, more lockdowns, and much more but you have handled it like a champ. Yours still that strong-willed, funny, independent little man with such a big heart and such eagerness to learn about the world around you. We still haven’t lost that sassiness and now we have added having an answer for everything to the mix but as much as it still drives me nuts its what makes you, you.

It was another big year for you (and us really), we welcomed L into the family, and even though we had to wait 6 months to meet her your bond is amazing and you love her just as much as B. You have grown your bond with A and M to which has been lovely to watch blossom, you defiantly love your girls. The biggest thing has been starting big boy school. It hasn’t been smooth sailing with a delayed start to the year and a lot of homeschooling but you have done so well and continue to surprise and amaze us with all you have learned and your ability. Your teachers have grown to love your personality as much as we do and are always telling me how lovely you are (cheeky and funny are also on the list of your qualities). You have started swimming lessons which you have been loving which isn’t a surprise as you are such a water baby.

You are still really into Dinosaurs, Marvel, and Harry Potter but we have now added Lego and Space into the mix. You aren’t really into Toy Story anymore which makes mommas heart a little sad that your growing into bigger boy things however, your still into Julia Donaldson’s books and Guess How Much I Love You storybook. We still say “I love you to the moon and back” to each other each night which I love hasn’t faded after your 5 years. You are still such a music and movie lover and enjoy our dance parties in the kitchen (whole house) with the Alexa blasting. Our favorites are now “Dog Days are Over”, and “Gummy Bear”. Here’s to another year of dance parties with Mumma.

Happy 5th Birthday Baby Boy.

I love you always, to the moon and back.

Mumma x