My Sweet Buddy,

7, How are you 7 already? You are growing up so fast and I’m not sure how I feel about it. These past 7 years have flown by and we have enjoyed spending every moment with you creating memories. You are and continue to become such a funny, caring, loving, cheeky, independent, focused, strong willed little man. Each day I am still surprised with something you say or do in the best way and you really do light up a room. We wouldn’t change you for the world, but if we could work on the attitude that would be great. You are still such a book and knowledge worm, you love soaking up everything there is to know about things you love and are interested in. This has its pros and cons at school but overall your doing really well in all aspects.

This year saw us welcome your little sister Sweet Bear to the family and mummy and daddy got married. We have watched you become the best big brother Sweet Bear could ask for and have adjusted to sharing mummy and daddy. You loved being part of the wedding and seeing all our family and friends. You got star of the week for the first time at school this year to, well you have gotten it a few times now this year which is amazing. You also joined the school choir and are loving it, we have got to see you preform a couple of times and you have been amazing. I still love watching your friendships with your best friends grow, we are lucky to have a group of people around us that love us so much. We recently stopped swimming lessons as you reached your 20 metres and stage 6 badges which is amazing but your still my little anchor. You also started Scouts this year which is going well and you are really enjoying going. 

Baby bear you still love love love Lego, Space and Science. You are also a big gamer which Daddy bear loves and you enjoy playing with each other mainly on your Switch. You also love being outside and if it includes your bike its even better. You still love books and your collection is quite impressive now. You also still love music and making up songs to record on your tablet. You also record lots of videos of you talking about what we are doing day to day which I love watching. Our kitchen dance parties are still a huge hit and I love them more than ever. 

So Happy 7th Birthday My Sweet Boy,

Love you to the moon and back,

Mumma x