Can you believe our little lady has been home for a year already… A whole year. I announced we had added her to the family exactly a year today, which is crazy as I had no idea until I looked back at the date I posted about her earlier. It’s been a crazy year of having Mia home but we wouldn’t change it. Before I get started here is a quick refresher about Mia. We got her from another family off Pets4homes due to a change in their circumstances. She is a mixed breed (half Beagle, 1/4 Jack Russel, 1/4 Chihuahua), 2 in May, and the cutest little girl ever.

I mentioned in our announcement post that she has had an accident by the back door the first night she was home. That continued for the first week while we got used to her cues and she got used to telling us she needed to go outside. Don’t get me wrong we have a few accidents here and there still but nothing major or often at all.

I will hold our hands up and admit we haven’t done much on the recall front mainly because of lockdown and having other aspects we wanted to focus on first. This being said we have done quite a lot of other training with her, some things her previous owner said she could do but once she was home she wouldn’t do them. So we decided to retrain her with the commands we wanted/needed her to know. These include sit, lay, stay, bed, go find it (finding her toys), up lay down (go upstairs and lay down), go on then (giving her permission to move/eat food), and paw. We have also taught her to lay on her back for belly rubs and to allow me or Daddy bear to touch her paws without pulling her paw away. We started working on her recall but decided to take a break and restart it later once she was a little more settled and we had a little more normality to train her in.

We still have some things to work on with her, mainly when people come in the house but obviously, that is a little hard when no one is allowed round to help us with that. We have done this with me and Daddy bear coming in and out of the house which worked for us but not people she doesn’t know.

Her and Baby bear are still the best of friends and completely inseparable. Wherever one is the other isn’t far behind, she has learned if she wants his attention when he is busy if he is on the floor or sofa to jump on him and if he is out of her easy reach she makes this weird wingy/crying noise. It’s the cutest thing to watch them interact and communicate without words.

We are so glad we added our little lady to the family and can’t imagine life without her. We love you Mia x