So as I have shared recently I have left my carer in childcare again to become a stay-at-home mum and hopefully small business. It is a bit of an adjustment but in the best way possible. As much as I loved my job and the children it was another thing added to my plate and I found I was always having to do something when I was home to just keep on top of basic housework, parenting and all the things Baby bear needed support with (Homework, afterschool activities, etc). I had no time for myself and in the end, I was pouring from a very empty cup.

This week is the second week since I left work that I have properly been doing everything a stay-at-home mum does. The school runs, housework, sorting out all the meals, and everything else in between. I must say it has been good, I feel on top of the house for the first time in ages. I’m slowly organizing and sorting through everything to how I want it again and getting rid of things we don’t need which is great.

This being said I do find myself a bit lost by around lunchtime and start the countdown to pick Baby bear up. This is when I am sitting down doing business things. I am slowly adding products to the shop ready to launch hopefully soon, I am getting there so bare with me. I am also writing some blogs ready to be posted as I like to be ahead of posts slightly so I can keep up with the posting schedule if something pops up with Baby bear.

Things are about to change again as we grow our family and my time will be spent with our new addition. However, my plan is to get us into a routine now so it is easier when they are here. I said when I left the job I wanted to be better at keeping on top of Baby bear’s homework. With work taking over a bit I slipped on doing it with him every night but now we have a new routine that will make sure we keep on top of it.

I am a little concerned I will lose who I am again as I did after having baby bear. It is easily done when you become a mum however, I am hoping since I have all of you now I will still have somewhere to be me. Daddy bear is also working from home now which is also amazing as I’m not alone all day or just with the children.

At the moment I am spending all day at home unless I am doing the school run so I am only seeing Daddy bear throughout the day however once our new addition comes home I plan on going to groups again to meet some new people with younger children as all my current friends have children Baby bears age and are now working during the day. It will be nice to meet some new people to have play dates with again and I want to be able to give our addition the same experiences I gave to Baby bear before he went to Nursery. This will be even easier as I am driving now which gives us even more freedom.

I will keep you all updated as I navigate this next chapter and continue to adjust to life as a stay-at-home-mum.