This year Baby bear has 2 parties. He had 1 party on his actual birthday in Essex with family and friends, then a second one here at home with our friends we have made here.  This post is about his first party which took place in Essex. We haven’t got many photos but I will include the ones we did get. 

We started his birthday celebrations early the day before as he opened his presents from nanny and grandad. He also opened his presents from aunt V, Uncle E, and B. He was one happy little boy with his presents. 

Baby bear all dressed up
Baby bear all dressed up.
Riding on his quad
Baby bear on his quad.

Once we had put Baby bear to bed I then set up the living room ready for his birthday the next morning. I put all his presents from us and his aunts in front of his name balloons. 

Baby bears presents.

When Baby bear woke up and saw his presents he couldn’t wait to open them up. It was really lovely to watch this year as this year was the first time he actually opened his presents on his own. We could actually see the excitement on his face which was so nice to see. 

opening his presents
Opening his presents. 

I must admit I was so excited to set up his party. That’s probably why it was ready 2 hours before his party was due to start. It turned out so much better than I had imagined in my head. 

party set up
Party all set up. 
toy area
Cars Area and Tool tent. 

Our food tables were pretty empty as we was having burgers, sausages and skewers off the BBQ once the party had started. 

sweet table.
Sweet table.
BBQ food table
BBQ food table. 
Food tables
Food Tables

Baby bears birthday cake was my favour part of his birthday by far. My mum outdid herself this birthday. Everyone complimented us on his cake and it taste so so good. 

Birthday cake.
Baby bears birthday cake. 

His sweet cones where on the end of his present table and looked so good laid out for everyone. 

Sweet cones
Sweet cones. 

We have no pictures from during his party as we were so busy talking to everyone who had come and enjoyed our day with Baby bear. He had so much fun playing with all his friends with all the toys in the garden. Towards the end of his party, we did his cake which he loved trying to blow out his sparkler. 

Cake time
Cake time. 

Once we had done his cake and he has played a little more, we then stated opening all his cards and gift. He was such a lucky boy and received so many lovely gifts. 

opening gifts
Opening gifts.

I want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to spend it with Baby bear celebrating him. It was an amazing day and I’m looking forward to seeing him enjoy his second party this weekend.