This year Baby bear had 2 parties. One in Essex and one here at home. This is a post about his party here at home. We haven’t got many photos again as I was so busy trying to make sure Baby bear was having a good time I totally forgot! Ooppss. 

It was a lot more relaxed this time around as I also did a lot of the prep the day yesterday (the day before). This made is so much easier to set it up this morning. It meant that all I needed to do this morning was set out the garden ready for Baby bear and his friends to play and cook the sausage rolls, garlic bread , and chicken nuggets.

Garden set out for the party
Garden Set out. 
Bouncing castle.
Bouncy castle 

For this party, the food was different from his first party. This time I decided to do sandwiches, sausage rolls, nuggets, garlic bread, cupcakes, crisps and chocolate fingers. I decided to make jam, ham and egg mayonnaise as everyone likes them. It was very low key food wise as I knew there were less than 20 people who would be attending so I didn’t want to overdo it on the food front. Even though the food wasn’t anything ‘out there’ I think everyone enjoyed it.

As this party was smaller, I let Baby bear open his presents as people gave them to him. This worked as it meant that he could play with them with his friends. 

For this party, I made the sweet cones again as they went down really well. Also , we had older children come so I wanted something that they would like to receive too. I had some paper party bags left over from last years party, so I decided to put a cone and 2 chocolate cakes in each for every child. 

party Sweet cones
Sweet cones.

I am just so thankful to everyone who did come and make today special for Baby Bear, it meant a lot to us.