It took me a long time to change Baby bears cot into a toddler bed. I guess its because I looked at changing his cot into a toddler bed meant he wasn’t my little baby anymore and he was growing up. We didn’t make the transition till Baby bear was around 19 months, and the only reason we did change it was because he climbed out of his cot one morning. Once we had changed his cot into his toddler bed, Daddy bear then suggested we looked into a travel bed for him to use instead of a travel cot.   

Toddler bed
Baby Bears Toddler Bed 

After a little research into what options there were, we found a blow-up travel bed for toddlers/young children called a Ready Bed. I fell in love with all the different designs that were available. Daddy bear being more practical one looked into how it packed away, blew up and what the reviews were like. Once he had looked into them and decided they were worth the money, he then asked me to pick what design I wanted for Baby bear.

After looking through a bunch of designs before I decided to order him the ‘Gruffalo’ ready bed as Baby bear and I are obsessed with  Julie Donaldson books.

I’m the type of person who loves to open things as soon as they arrive, but as soon as Baby bear saw the box he wanted it open. He was so excited while I was blowing it up ready for him to lay on. As soon as it was blown up, Baby bear climbed straight in and was pretending to sleep. He loved it. Phew. 

We didn’t realize when we brought it how valuable it would become, not just for us but for Baby bear. As soon as I start to get everything ready to pack the car, he will go and get it from his bedroom and bring it downstairs to make sure we bring it. His more excited to sleep in his ‘ gruffalo‘ bed than his bed at home. It is was really important to me that he liked what he would be sleeping in as he goes to bed really well at home and I didn’t want to make him unsettled and unhappy in what we were getting him to sleep on.

This isn’t a paid or sponsored post, we brought the ready bed with our own money off our own backs so I’m not just saying these things. We truly love the ready bed, it comes in so handy when we travel to see family. We cant wait to use it when we go camping in august, it rolls up so small into its self so doesn’t take up much room at all but is still big enough for Baby bear to sleep comfortably.

I would honestly advise anyone looking for a travel bed for their toddler to get their child a ready bed they are truly amazing and come in so many designs I’m sure there’s one for every child.