When we were growing up spending 1-1 time with my grandparents was such a big thing for me and my siblings. My nan used to take us to Wales for 2 weeks without my parents. I use to love staying with my other grandparents on the weekends to have time on my own with them.

I also said when I had children I wanted them to spend 1-1 time with their grandparents. But when my parents suggested Baby bear going to stay with them for 2 weeks my first answer was no way. I couldn’t imagine not having Baby Bear with us for 2 weeks. Daddy bear on the other hand though liked the idea and agreed pretty much straight away. 

After talking about it a lot with Daddy bear, I come to the thinking that I had to think about what Baby bear would enjoy more. This would be spending time with his nanny and grandad going out for days out with them and just spending quality time with them without us being around. This was still a huge decision to make he has never been away from me for longer than a night and even then we were only 5 minutes away. 

Baby bear with grandparents
Baby bear with his grandparents.

My parents were so excited when we agreed to them having him for a holiday. They started to plan days out straight away. This was hard for me as I never want to miss out on anything when it comes to my baby. It took me a while to reassure myself that he will have such fun.

There is still a couple of aspects that I’m still not a huge fan. One being my parents taking Baby bear to the zoo as that’s something that myself and Daddy bear haven’t done with him yet. This being said We have the rest of our lives to take him and he loves animals and will have the best time. The other being that Baby Bear will be 3 hours away. I trust my parents with him 100% but its still scary as a parent knowing that he is so far away from me if he needs me for whatever reason. 

I am looking forward to this time with grandparents for baby bear as I know he will have such a good time. I also look back on my time with my grandparents with such fond memories and can’t wait for my children to have the memories with their grandparents too. I have also insisted that they ring me daily so I can know what his up to and speak to my baby.