Baby bear was lucky enough to be able to celebrate his birthday with Nanny, Grandad, Aunt K, Aunt J, and Uncle W. As you may know Baby bear got a birthday month where he got to spend time with family every weekend in the month of June (other than Father’s Day weekend).

Like when my in-laws come to visit in my last post, Baby bear was in bed before they arrived as it is a long journey from Essex to our house. So he was very excited when he woke up on Saturday morning to find our home full of family and of course all the presents that they brought. As you can see he had quite a pile from everyone. He was so thankful for all the presents he received.

Nanny and Grandad have wanted to take Baby bear to The Deep for a while so when we were talking about where to take him. Baby bear, nanny, and Grandad all agreed that is where was going for our Birthday day out. We have taken Baby bear there before with Daddy bears parents so he could remember what animals where there which just made him more excited.

We all had an amazing day walking around seeing all the different animals. I was very shocked how much more Baby bear stood taking in all the animals. Especially the penguins and sharks, which are Baby bears new favorite animals. To make it even better, when you pay to get in, you can then visit as much as you would like in a year for free. Anyways, here are just a few of the many photos we all took of our day out.

We decided to also book our local pubs carvery for us all to go to this weekend as well. If you read my last post you will know all about our famous carvery. As always we had an amazing lunch, but after we had finished we decided to go out into the pub garden for another drink each and to play some games together before everyone had to go home.

The fun and games didn’t stop there, once we got home we ended up having a water fight after we had done Baby bears cake with him. It was such a fun weekend and Baby bear had so much fun, and got very spoilt.

birthday boys birthday cake
Baby bears Birthday cake.