As you may know, if you have seen my recent posts that it was Baby bears birthday Monday. Well, he had a special guest with us for a couple of days to celebrate with him. His aunt K decided to come up a couple of days before his birthday to see him and spend some time with us. Needless to say, we had a very happy little boy.

The weather hasn’t been great here for the last few weeks so the day she arrived, we decided to have a home day and just play. Which baby bear loved. He even tried to convince Aunt K that his Hungry Frog game rules said that he could cheat (he likes to feed the frogs the balls with his hands…What can I say Daddy bear likes to cheat at games so he wins).

The first day Auntie was here it was pretty simple but let’s be honest they can be the best days really. I love being able to watch Baby bear play, laugh and just enjoy his families company. I think any parent can agree watching your child’s face just light up when playing and spending time with family is just the best thing ever. Daddy bear wasn’t able to get the time off work while Aunt K was here so before Baby bear went to bed we decided to head to the arcades for some fun. It’s becoming one of Daddy bear and Baby bears favorite thing to do when people come up to see us. I’m not complaining it keeps both the boys happy and busy for a while.

If you know Baby bear you will know he can be very clingy when it comes to bedtime but he shocked both me and Daddy bear. He asked Aunt K to put him to bed and read him a story, which was a nice change really (I love doing bedtime but its nice when he wants someone else at the same point).

We had decided to take Baby bear to a soft play area the next day, our choices were a little limited because of the weather but Baby bear loves it there. He always has so much fun when I take him so I knew it would be a hit. However, Baby bear decided to try and do tricks this time which ended badly. He was trying to do a backflip, the first 2 were fails so he decided to try and add a jump (just what he needed to add). As you can already probably guess he slipped as he jumped and smacked his face on the side of the ball blower.

Our nice bruise for our birthday.
His Lovely Bruise.

After settling a very upset Baby bear he was quickly back off playing.

back playing happy as usual.
Back Playing Happy As Usual.

After a few hours playing we head over to McDonald’s for some Birthday lunch. Baby Bear only gets it when we go down to see family so he was very excited for his treat. It sounds silly but I was quite proud of how much he actually ate. He normally picks at his meal but he ate 95% of it. I never thought being a parent would mean being proud about how much McDonald’s Baby bear would eat.

Before heading home Aunt K suggested going back into the arcades for a go on the machines. We had fun even though we didn’t get to win as many prizes as the night before we still had fun playing, collecting tickets.

Once Daddy bear was home from work and we had dinner, Aunt K gave Baby bear his presents. He was so excited to have his first lot of presents. He was a very lucky boy, he got a new outfit and his favorite – a Buzz Lightyear Water Blaster Backpack. He was so excited to go to the garden to play with it.

opening his birthday presents
Opening His Birthday Presents.
opening his birthday presents
Opening His Birthday Presents.
very excited
Very Excited.
playing in the garden.
Playing In The Garden.

It was the best start to our birthday celebrations for Baby bear. We had so much fun with Aunt K, it was great having her visiting. Keep an eye out for the rest of Baby bears Birthday celebration posts coming soon. He has had so much fun celebrating his 3rd Birthday.