If you saw my last post you will know we had Aunt K here visiting for Baby Bears birthday. A few days after she went home Nanny and Grandad come up to spend the weekend with us celebrating Baby bear turning 3. A few months ago we asked Baby bear what he wanted to do with them and he decided he wanted to go and see animals.

Nanny and Grandad arrived after Baby bear was already in bed so when we woke up Saturday he was very excited to realize they were here. After we had breakfast Nanny and Grandad gave him their birthday presents. He was a very lucky boy to receive all the gifts he did. Although he was very excited when he opened Woody, he was very happy with the clothes he got to.

After looking around we decided to take him back to Hardy’s Animal Farm. We have been there before quite a while ago and he loved it so we knew he would have an amazing day. If your ever in the area I would completely recommend going it is such a good day out and very affordable.

As you can see he had so much fun. We all did. After the farm we decided to stop at the arcades so Baby bear could play on the rides and machines. Needless to say after such a fun filled day he crashed in the car on the way home.

We decided to book a table at our local pub for a Carvery before my In-Laws went home. If you know Baby bear you will know he is a little and often kind of eater. He doesn’t like sitting down for 3 meals a day he would rather eat 5 or 6 small meals a day. However, every time we go he finishes 80% of his plate. He shocks us every time we go with how much he eats.

Nanny and Grandad also brought him a birthday cake so we took it with us to lunch. So after we had finished our lunch they were nice enough to bring his cake out for us to sing Happy Birthday to him. Not only did Baby bear love his cake he was also very happy that the girl that works there that he ‘likes’ brought his cake out for him.

My not even 3 year old even asked her for a birthday kiss which he received which just made his day as you can see by his smile.

birthday boy and  his cake
Birthday Boy and his cake.

He had an amazing weekend and this was only part of his birthday celebrations. He also had a weekend with my parents. He is a very lucky boy who is so loved x