So we all know I am getting married next September to my best friend Daddy bear, so once I decided who I wanted my girls to be I then looked at different ways to ask them. I have always liked the idea of bridesmaid proposal boxes and after getting my Cricut I knew this was how I wanted to ask my girls – Bridesmaid proposal box. I also decided this was how I was going to ask our flower girls as I thought they were such a cute idea.

As we all know Daddy bear brought me a Cricut and I love to craft and add my touch to things. So I brought boxes the size I wanted and then went about making them my own. I had a look for inspiration on good old Pinterest and google before deciding on my exact design. I decided I wanted, each girl’s name on the lid in white with a light pink heart underneath, I then wanted a short saying before the big question on the inside of the lid. I then wanted to add some box filler that was sage (one of the colors for the wedding), inside each box I wanted to include some little gifts for each of my girls. I would then secure each of the bridesmaid/maid of honor boxes shut with some white string, which looked amazing on the kraft boxes. This is how to top looked all done and tidied up – I’m completely in love with how they turned out. They fit our feel for the wedding timeless, low key and rustic.

bridesmaid proposal box

We have been through so much in our relationship and my life and my girls have been there every step I chose a saying that reflected that. I chose “You’ve stood by me through thick and thin, now I need you there when I marry him. Will you be my Bridesmaid/maid of honor”. I used the pen setting on the Cricut to write on the same cream card I used for our save the dates. I then cut them out and stuck them on the inside of each lid with the right name on the outside of the lid (So I asked each girl the right question). I wish I had made these little smaller but I am still happy with how they turned out. So this is what my girls saw when they opened their boxes.

In each box I wanted to add some gifts, I decided to go with a personalized candle, wax melt bar, keyring, tissues (to wipe their tears), a mirror, and a few chocolates. I didn’t want anything huge as I had picked smaller boxes and didn’t want to go over the top with what I included.

To go with my maid of honours box I made a personalised note book with all my bridesmaids phone numbers, some ideas of events I would like in the lead up to the wedding. These were lingerie party, a hen weekend and a bridal shower/meal and drinks. This is defiantly not a must have but I know it was something that would help my maid of honour and I knew she would find helpful.

My flower girl boxes were similar in the sense, they had the same design of their names on top, the same sign on the inside of the lid but theirs read “The only thing better than having you as our niece is having you by our side on our wedding day, Will you be our flower girl?”. I then also included the same box filler, however, this time the 2 older girls had a bracelet, and colouring pictures with crayons and chocolates and 1 of the younger girls got some small bath toys and colouring pictures with crayons. The youngest got some small bath toys and some silicone finger puppets she could also teeth on in hers. Here is how the flower girl boxes looked.