Our house doesn’t feel very Christmasy this year, we haven’t put any of our decorations up or done anything Christmas related other than wrap gifts due to traveling this year. So I decided this week I would do some crafts with Baby bear to get us in the festive spirit before going down to see family. I went to Mrs.Mactivity to see what different activities they had for us to do.

Looking through the Christmas topic I found 2 that looked like Baby bear would enjoy the most. He hasn’t enjoyed sitting down for long lately so wanted to find something that he would enjoy but wouldn’t take to long either. I decided to print them both off and let Baby bear chose what one he wanted to do.

Gingerbread house

Gingerbread House.

Christmas bunting

Christmas Bunting.

Baby bear decided he wanted to build the gingerbread house. He was so excited to start coloring his house in. I like to try and leave Baby bear to color as I find it helps him get creative and it means it is completely his creation.

colouring in his house.

Colouring in his house.

While setting up his coloring station, I found Baby bears pencils kept rolling around and falling off the breakfast bar. So, I decided to put them in a baking tray to see if it helps and it actually worked. Baby bear was able to get to all his pencils and crayons while they stayed on the side and not on the floor.

Mum Hack. 1-0 to mumma.

pencil hack.

Pencil Hack.

Once Baby bear had colored in the house template and little cut-outs we sat down together and cut it all out.

Warning: This is not easy to do with a toddler!!

All cut out.

All cut out.

I then folded over all the edges ready to put together after we had stuck all little details on (I printed it on paper so it was not very sturdy – card would be better to use).

folded edges.

Folded edges.

Baby bear loved sticking all the extras on. He loved the fact the door was on a hinge.



Once he had stuck on all the extras he wanted to I then assembled it all as Baby bear is defiantly not gentle enough to help. Once it was all put together Baby bear decided he wanted it to live on the table to “show daddy”.

Gingerbread house complete

Gingerbread house complete.

If you are looking for some easy crafts to do with your little ones this festive season 100%recommend checking out Mrs Mactivity.