Baby bear receives a Christmas eve box each year from me and Daddy bear. I stick to a £20 budget for Baby bears box but include a few of the same things each year. We have formed little traditions over the last few years since we become parents. So this is what I have included in this years Christmas eve box.

  • I always include at least 1 book to read. We love books in our household and always read a story to Baby bear at bedtime. This year I found this book in home bargains for £1.99.
  • New Pjs. Growing up we always got new pjs to wear Christmas eve so this is another must have. I got this set for Baby bear from Aldi.
  • A Christmas shirt. I like to include something new for Baby bear to wear on Christmas day. This year I found this shirt in H&M at the beginning of the year in the sales. I cant wait to see him in it.
  • A plate and Cup. This is another must have for me to include, each year I buy Baby bear a new plate and cup to use for his Christmas dinner. I got these from Tesco for £1 each.
  • Chocolate coins because well who can pass up some chocolate coins at Christmas.
  • Since going to the Polar express last year baby bear has been obsessed with Hot Chocolates so I wanted to include a new cup and some hot chocolate to enjoy with our Christmas eve movie.
  • Colouring books and Stamps. I always include some form of toy/activity for Baby bear to do on Christmas eve so this year i decided to go with these 2 colouring books I got from poundland/aldi for £1 each. I also picked up these stamps from home bargains for £1.49.

So this is Baby bears Christmas eve box all put together. I decided to finally purchase Baby bear a proper box this year and used a personalised decal I brought off ebay to decorate it. I love how simple and classy it is.