Every year I and Daddy Bear try and set a budget for how much we are planning to spend on everyone. So when I found out about the website www.latestdeals.co.uk, I was so excited to start Christmas shopping. This website searches all the latest deals on a huge range of stores and websites.

I love find deals where I can as it means we can save money while still ensuring we are getting our family and friends the gifts they want. Especially when it comes to Christmas I find this so helpful with keeping costs down as much as possible, while still having the Christmas we want.

It’s my job to do the Christmas shopping, however, I like to sit down with Daddy bear and talk through gift ideas with him before I start buying. Once we have decided what we are getting people, I like to make a list so I know exactly what we agreed on. I also use this list as a way of keeping track what I have brought and what I have left to buy.

Once I got my list partly sorted I decided to see what deals I could find on the items (Daddy bear isn’t the most helpful with gift ideas…I still love you but ideas would be handy). I was so shocked at some of the deals I found considering I spend most days scrolling through online shops browsing.

I started with Baby bears stocking fillers as we still haven’t decided what to get him as he main presents. There were some really good presents for him as he can be quite hard to shop for. What can you get a boy who has everything he could wish for and who isn’t into any characters/programmes. These are so of the gifts I found for him.

Stocking filler

stocking fillers

stocking fillers

Me and Daddy bear decided to do Baby bear a ‘smaller’ Christmas this year as he isn’t really into anything at the moment and everything he is into he already has or family have brought him it. We also want to do more days out and experiences with him now he is getting older so the money we won’t spend on presents will go towards them.

Anyway, next I decided to have a look through at what other deals they had for possible gift ideas for some of our family and friends. I’m so excited to see everyone open their presents Christmas. These aren’t the exact gifts as my family and friends read this (sorry no sneak peaks) but these are just some deals I found and thought were useful.

gift ideas gift idea

gift ideas

I’m not very good with online stuff, but the Latest Deals website is super easy to use. You simply search the item your looking for and it will show you all the deals available. Then you simply pick the one you want to use and the website will take you through to the specific website where the deal is for you to purchase directly through them.

This is a collaborative post with Latest Deals, however these are my own opinions and I truly love this site and find it so useful in finding deals. If you want to check out what saving you can have head over to https://www.latestdeals.co.uk/tags/sky, and feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite deals.