So as you may know if you read my last pregnancy TTC post, our fertility consultant decided on our new pregnancy protocol. Well, 2 days after we had our last appointment at the clinic and put our new plan in place we found at…


That’s right, we are expecting again. I was so sure it hadn’t worked this month. However, after feeling super nauseous during my Zumba class and my birthday coming up I decided to take a Pregnancy test the next morning. I was so sure I wasn’t pregnant I left it sitting in our bathroom for nearly an hour before remembering I had taken it. But when I looked at it, there it was 2 pink lines.

pregnancy test
Them 2 Lines.

I couldn’t believe it so I went hunting for a Clearblue test I knew as laying around from a previous pregnancy. I couldn’t believe the first test so I decided to squeeze as much pee out as I could so I could take the test (not the smartest idea really but I was kind of desperate and in total disbelief). I couldn’t believe my eyes but it was true and the nerves started to kick in.

positive pregnancy test
Positive Pregnancy Test.

I didn’t wait to ring my consultant, the fear took over and I needed to know my HCG right away and put our new plan into action. As the day went on while waiting for my consultant to write my blood form up. I got that nervous during the wait my friend ended up coming with me to help calm me. If you have lost a baby you will know that feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Blood tests
Blood Test form.

Our Beta HCG result was 24, which is low but I was only just turned 3 weeks. The next day I picked up my prescription to start doing everything we can to keep this baby. Our consultant wanted a repeat blood test done 5 days later to check my numbers where rising. Our second Beta HCG was 53, so not as high as it could have been but my doctor was happy with my number and told me to continue with my medication each day.

Our consultant has put me on Celxane Injections and dissolvable Asprin daily. He also told me to take pregnancy support daily as well as my multivitamin to make sure I’m getting everything I need to help my body support a pregnancy. I am also making sure I eat 3 meals a day, drink plenty of water and snack throughout the day. If you know me you will know how I’m not a big eater at all so I’m struggling a little with the amount I’m having to eat but if it means I get a healthy baby then I’ll do it. I’ll do anything.

pregnancy prescription
Our Pregnancy Prescription.

He also gave me the all-clear to travel to Essex as long as I took it easy and went to our local A&E to be checked over. As long as everything was okay, when I get home he wants to retest my Beta HCG and scan me. I know his talking about scans already, he must be confident this pregnancy protocol is going to work. We all so hopeful he is right but only time will tell.

I feel completely different this time which is helping me stay positive, but part of me is still petrified something is going to go wrong. I think that’s completely normal after everything we have been through. Let’s just hope my next update is as positive as this one. I still can’t believe we’ve known I’m pregnant nearly 2 weeks already it’s crazy.