Being a stay at home mumma is the best job I’ve ever had. I couldn’t imagine going back to work and not spending every day with Baby bear. Even though I wouldn’t change it, being at home on our own most days can become very repetitive for both myself and Baby bear. To change it up sometimes we like to do crafts projects, like painting, colouring and sometimes saltdough.

We have a ‘craft’ box full of everything we need to create some masterpieces. 

craft box

Once we have painted or drawn any pictures I like write how old Baby bear was when he created them and the date. Hopefully, soon I’ll get round to putting them all in a scrapbook to keep but for now they all live in the box.

Baby bear painting

When we are painting, drawing or doing any project I like to let Baby bear take the lead as I like to know that all his creations where all him. I also think its good for his imagination to just be left to create whatever he wants. At first I would try and control the activity we was doing, this was more to do with me being a neat freak than anything else. The more I tried to get Baby bear to do the activities my way the more he wouldn’t want to participate. But, once I started to let him take the lead, Baby bear really started to enjoy himself doing it and the activities started to last longer.

I also use a lot of Baby bears art as part of presents for family. We like doing this as it makes it more personal from us and Baby bear enjoys creating the gifts. We make photo frames using Baby bears salt dough prints and painted pictures or birthday cards from pictures he has created.


We love doing craft activities and I would honestly recommend any mumma to do them with their little ones. They make the best keepsakes.