I’m guessing most of you would go on a date-night with your partners before we were all put under lockdown. So now everything is closed down the option of going out for a date night isn’t available to us anymore. Which means we need to get creative with date nights ideas at home so we are still spending quality time with our other halves.

If you are a regular visitor here you will know we live 3 hours away for our family so don’t often get the chance to go out on our own for date night. So we often have our own date night at home once Baby bear has gone to bed. In the light of everything that’s going on in the world around us, I’d share some of our date night ideas for you to do with your partners for some quality time.


This one is so simple. You can make it as simple or extravagant as you want. spend as little or as much as you can/want. We like to do the meal deal from Tesco, its £10 for a main, side, dessert and bottle of wine. Which is a really good value for money if you ask me. We cook baby bear his dinner at 5 pm like normal then while 1 of us is putting him to bed the other cooks dinner for us. Sometimes we get dressed up and other times we just stay in the clothes we have been wearing that day. Its something so simple but it can be so amazing to just be able to sit down to eat with each other which holding an adult conversation without having to also supervise your children while they eat. Don’t get me wrong I love sitting down every night as a family to eat but I also love sitting down just me and Daddy bear.

date night ideas

Play a Board/Computer Game Together.

This is one of our favourites, I think mainly because we love board games and are slowly growing our collection. We don’t do anything different to our daily routine except once Baby bears in bed we pick a game, get some snacks and a glass of wine (usually) and just play a game or 2. Simple but it’s fun and gives you a night of not looking at your phone or sitting watching tv/movie not talking to each other. We even dug out an old Wii we Daddy bear had when he was younger and set it up to play (I forgot how fun they are).

Watch A Movie/TV Series.

As much as I just said the above stopped you doing this, it can also be a good way of just unwinding from a busy/stressful day. Because let’s be honest us parents are struggling a little, we love our children but being stuck in the house 24/7 is hard. So just sitting on the sofa or lying in bed watching a movie together cuddling is just as nice as sitting to play a game. As much as we have our own things we watch separate we like to always have a series we are watching together. We have 1 rule with it don’t watch it without the other person. I find this also helps us sit and activity watch something together most nights, instead of one of us on our phones or in another room because we don’t want to watch what’s on.

Do A Project Together.

This can be a hard one to do, but we are currently building our workshop/office building in our garden, and I’ve found it is quite enjoyable to sit and plan the layout together and certain aspects of it. It’s not on the top of my list of things to do but I know Daddy bear gets joy out of sitting down with me at the computer going through window seal choices, paving slabs, lighting options for outside and all the other things that come with planning and building something.

I know there are many more different date night ideas you can do but these are what we have been doing while Isolated during the COVID-19. I would love to hear what you have all been doing for date night if you have been doing them. So please feel free to share your date night ideas with me over on my social media platforms.