Since moving out we have begun thinking of new ways to have a date night which I kind of touched on in my finding time for our relationship post. We enjoy home date nights mainly. They are easy, fun and so much more Baby Bear friendly. So during the week Daddy Bear decided he would host a home family date night as a surprise for me.

He had even brought all of the stuff he needed for the 3 course meal at shopping without me knowing. The only thing he had to get while at work was dessert (which he shouldn’t of… keep reading all is explained). He can be so romantic when he tries. He sent me a message during the day requesting I put something nice on for when he came home and not to cook dinner.

Once Daddy bear got in from work, he got Baby bear to help him prepare the starters. He then vanished upstairs with Baby bear and returned with them both in their nice tops and chinos. My cute boys.

Me and the boys

Me and My boys

We then went to sit at the dining table ready for our first course. Daddy bear decided to serve warm baguette with balsamic vinegar. Ever since our holiday in Rome a couple of years ago this is one of our favourite starters to do at home. Baby bear wasn’t overly keen on the balsamic vinegar so Daddy bear got the butter for him.


Our Starter


Our Starter

Once we had finished this, Daddy bear then finished preparing our second course. Again his put thought into it. When we visit our family in Essex we try to go into Ikea to pick the odd bits up for the house we need but to also have dinner. We always have the meatball and chips so thats what Daddy bear decided to try and recreate for us. He did well other than the sauce was to peppery but it was still delicious.

Second course

Our second course.

Daddy bear decide to try something different for dessert. Well to say the least it was kind of a fail. We personally did not like them at all. Daddy bear decided to picked these yogurts as I’ve been wanting to try more desserts lately. Needless to say, we are not a fan of these ones.


Our Dessert

Once we had finished our meal I had the fun idea to pretend we was at a restaurant and pay our bill using Baby bears toy till. He absolutely loved it. He sat typing in all different amounts before running our toy credit cards through his till to pay. We had so much fun playing a simple game after dinner.

Baby bear playing

Paying for our dinner.