When my mum brought Baby bear home a couple of weeks ago, she stayed for 5 days. So we decided to take a girlie trip to Hull to do some shopping and have lunch for my birthday. We have both never been to Hull but I have been wanting to go there since we moved to Lincolnshire.

We both decided to just go with the flow. Once Baby bear finished his breakfast we all got ready and head off. We arrived just before lunchtime so we loaded Baby bear into his pram and headed into the Prince Quays Shopping Centre to see what we could find for lunch.

Hulls Humber bridge

Hulls Humber Bridge.

As we hadn’t been there before so we didn’t know what was available, but we had to find something as Baby bear was getting hungry. The first restaurant we found was a Pizza Express, which we have never been to before. It was meant to be, a day of firsts.

Me, Baby bear and Nanny

Me, Baby bear and Nanny

When looking at the menu I couldn’t find something that sounded nice, so I decided to order off the children’s menu with Baby bear. Nanny then decided she would join us and order off the children’s menu. I also liked that fact the children’s menu came with a starter, main and dessert which were smaller portions…So perfect for us. Baby bear was also given a colouring page, hat and pencils as soon as we sat down so he was occupied while we waiting for our food to arrive.

Baby bear colouring

Baby bear colouring.

Our drinks

Our drinks.

Our main meals.

Our main meals.

Once we had finished eating, we then head towards to shops. It was lovely having my mum with me while shopping because I had another option on the clothes, I got to spend quality time with her and mostly I could actually try the clothes on while she watched Baby bear. While we was shopping we found matching PJ’s. It just topped it off it was Disney Princesses.

Matching PJs

Me and Mums Matching PJ’s.

When we was finding parking we drove past a dock full of boats, Baby bear saw them and asked to see them. So once we had finished shopping we took him over to see them before heading home to see Daddy Bear. He loved all the boats and was so good at standing still near the water looking at all the different boats there was.


Looking at the boats.


Loving the boats.

All-in-all we had such a great day and we loved spending time with nanny.