We recently took a trip over to the Natureland Seal Sanctuary with our friends from Mummy of 2+1. We have been once before when we first moved up with my sister-in-law but this was just after we moved in last year. I was excited to go again now Baby bear is older and understands more about what actually happens there. We are so lucky to have an amazing place right on our doorsteps.

The night before we were due to go I was looking on their website and found a voucher for 10% off our entry fee. Result. I could even screenshot it on my phone to save me trying to print it. Even better. Baby bear gets so excited to see Baby A so as soon as I told him that morning what we was doing he couldn’t wait to go.

When we arrived we was given a map of the sanctuary even though its not really needed as it isn’t a very big place. This being said there is alot to see there. Other than the Seals they also have Meerkats, Pengiuns, Pets Corner, Ducks and Carp, Tropical House, Aquarium and Alpacas.

Baby bear and Baby A

Baby bear and Baby A

Baby bear and Baby A loved being able to watch the Seals swim around under the water as well as being able to climb up the stairs and see them above the water to. I’m sure it was one of their favourite things.

watching the seals

Watching the Seals

getting up close and personal

Getting up close and personal.

After prising them away from the Seals they then went to see the baby Seals in the other enclosure. I have to admit they are super cute.

baby seals.

Baby seals.

We then walked around the rest of the sanctuary looking at the other animals.









We was also got to watch all the Seals and Pengiuns being fed. Baby bear and Baby A loved watching them catch all the fish. Although Baby bear started to loose intrest after we had wacthed the bigger Seals been fed. Either way it was a fun day out with friends. Defiantly worth the trip.