Once my nan found out we were coming to visit she mentioned that Lathcoats Farm was hosting an Apple Day. I had no idea what this would be but it was free entry, had animals, a pumpkin patch and was a chance to have a fun day out with Baby bear, Nanny, and Great Nanny. I knew Baby bear would enjoy it so that’s all that matters.

Once we had finally arrived after the SatNav got us lost multiple times, my first aim was to find something to eat so Baby bear could have some lunch before walking around exploring. We found there wasn’t a huge selection available and it was all meat which meant that Aunt K had to go hunting for a vegetarian option which wasn’t great considering. This being said we got Hotdogs made of pork and their apples were delicious.



baby bear enjoying the hotdog

Baby bear enjoying the hotdog.

However, I think because there wasn’t a lot of food options and it was so busy the wait in line for food was long. Defiantly to long to make Baby bear wait so Aunt K walked around the Apple tasting tent with him (which he was completely fine with…of course it was food).

enjoying the apples

Baby bear eating apples.

Anyway, after we had eaten we started actually looking around at what was there. We had a look around the stall and cider barn. It was very cramped so I didn’t look at all the stalls, as I’m not great in crowded spaces. However, Nanny and Great nan walked around and said there were some good stalls there. Aunt K found Baby bear a marshmallow lollipop which he enjoyed so much.

enjoying his lollipop

Enjoying his Lollipop.

Next, we went to Baby bears favorite part…the animals. We were able to see pigs, goats, donkeys, and chickens. He loved the fact he could pet and feed them.

watching the pig

Watching the Pig.

calling the goats over

Calling the goats over.

feeding the donkey

Feeding the donkey.

We then headed to the pumpkin patch. All I wanted was a cute photo of Baby bear with a pumpkin but as usual, he had other ideas of what the plan was. So mummy got this instead…

looking away

Refusing the look at the camera.

kicking the pumpkins

Kicking the pumpkins.

On our way out Nanny decided Baby bear hadn’t had enough sugar so he ended up with the biggest chocolate covered apple possible to enjoy before coming home.

enjoying his apples

Enjoying his apples.

Needless to say, we had a lovely day out and I enjoyed watching my mum, nan, and sisters enjoy spending time with Baby bear. If they held this event again next year I would recommend going. However, I’d hope they have better food options.