As I’m sure you are all aware by now I am marrying Daddy bear in September and have been planning our wedding for the past year or so. With the tools and equipment, we have to hand I decided to save money where I could and DIY as much as we could for the wedding. Some of it I was able to do with just our printer but other bits have needed our other tools and equipment. I get most of my ideas from Pinterest mood boards or things I have seen at other weddings and liked.

This is a bit of a personal plug but if you want anything made for your wedding or event whether that is Invites, vinyl decals, or stickers please feel free to send me an email at I am in the process of setting up a small shop but until I have finalized things I can take orders through email.

Bridesmaid/Flower Girl Proposal Boxes.

I did a full post on my proposal boxes which I’ll link here but to touch on them I brought the boxes on Amazon and again using my Cricut I cut all the vinyl decals and made the inserts with the big question on for each box before putting them all together. I was also able to use the Cricut to make the personalized gifts to go inside.

Save the dates & Formal Invites.

I used Cricut Design Space and Canva to design them before using the print and cut setting to produce them. If you don’t have a Cricut you can just print them like as normal and cut them by hand or you can also print them straight from Canva with a company. I have come to love Canva (as you will see moving forward) it is so simple to use and I can create exactly what I have in my mind. I think every DIY wedding bride will agree that Canva is amazing. I folded and cut the invite folders by hand before using double-sided tape to attach the corner pocket and invite card. I then printed little tags to tie on the front with the twine as a finishing touch.


I decided to create some stickers to put on the back of the envelopes. I used the same design from the save the date to put on the sticker with Mr&Mrs. I used the Cricut again with the print and cut setting with sticker paper. They came out amazing and were a lovely little touch.

Vinyl Decals.

Using my Cricut Maker, I have been able to design and produce all our signs. We decided to use photo frames for our signs. We are having a range of signs including:
– Welcome to our wedding.
– Blankets.
– Sweet Table.
– Favors.
– Pick a seat, not a side.
– Confetti.
– Unplugged service.
– Memorial Table.


I have shared before my love for Crocheting so decided to enlist my mum and sisters’ help to crochet a bunch of blankets in my chosen color wool for our guests to use and have as a keepsake. I have also brought a few from the shops but our main bulk of them are handmade which I love.


As we are having a church wedding, we cannot have paper confetti so I decided to make my own to have for our guests using hole punched leaves. It is time-consuming but looks so good. It is so simple to make as well, just some leaves and a usual hole punch (whatever shape you wish), a tray, a jar for storage, and Silica Bags. Once you have a hole punched your leaves lay them out on the tray to dry out before transferring them into the jar with a couple of silica bags to keep them dry. You can then put them in whatever little holders you wish for your guests. We are using little homemade cones out of old music paper.


After a lot of reading, I found a lot of brides were saying they regretted buying personalized favors as many of the guests left them leaving the happy couple with loads of favors that have no use really. I still wanted to have favors for our guests so decided to have something that is not only useful but something I can use if any are leftover. We chose to have organza bags with 3 wax melt samples in these will also be put into a basket with a sign about helping yourselves. I also read that edible favors were a hit to in case you wanted an alternative idea.

Bouquets, Buttonhole & Flower Arragements.

You can do this with both real and fake flowers. We chose fake flowers as I want to keep my bouquet and the flowers I have chosen will stay better if they are fake. This also meant that I have been able to make my bouquets and buttonholes early and they are now ready and in storage for the big day. Our flower arrangements for the church and door are going to be real but we have had a run-through and have finalized the design so we know what we are making the day before the wedding.

Sweet Table & Crisp Wall.

These are a huge favorite in the wedding community at the moment and many DIY wedding brides are creating some beautiful alternatives. We are keeping ours pretty simple but I am planning on making little tags to go on eat sweet jar with what the sweet is and a colored heart depending on allegations/dietary as well as a little key in a frame to stand next to them so people know. It was the most subtle way I could think of doing it while still looking pretty. Daddy bear is also making the frame for our crisp wall and I have found some little wooden pegs on amazon we can use to peg each bag on crisps to the string with.

I am loving DIYing our wedding and having complete creative control over the outcomes and overall look of things for the day. As I said above if you like the sound of anything we are doing above and want me to create you your very own ones please feel free to reach out I’d love to work with you and help make your day as special as you are. Also if there is anything you are doing at your DIY wedding that you would like to share please do, I’m always on the lookout for more ideas and ways to do things.