I was lucky enough to receive the Dyson AirWrap Complete from Daddy Bear and after using it for a few months now I am ready to share my honest opinion on it.

I received the Multi-styler Complete which includes:

30mm AirWrap Barrel: this attachment creates and sets voluminous curls.

40mm AirWrap Barrel: this attachment creates and sets loose curls or waves.

Round Volumising Brush: this attachment is made to give flat, limp hair some body and shape.

Firm Smoothing Brush: this attachment creates a straighter style with less frizz and fewer flyaways.

Soft Smoothing Brush: this attachment creates a smooth, blow-dry finish while being designed to be gentle on the scalp.

Coanda Smoothing Brush: this attachment is multi-functional to dry, smooth, and hide any flyaways.

Filter Cleaning Brush: this is for cleaning your Dyson AirWrap.

Dyson AirWrap Body: this is the main body of your Dyson AirWrap. It has 3 heat settings, a power button, and a blowdryer power button.

Storage Case: this is a soft fabric padded box with a space for all the attachments and the Dyson AirWrap body.

Depending on where you buy your Dyson AirWrap depends on the price point but it is around the £480-£500 mark. This is a large amount of money however, I think it is very worth it and justified. There are also cheaper options available but you will not receive everything in this bundle.

You can create pretty much any hairstyle using the Airwrap alone. It also cuts down on styling time as you do not have to completely dry your hair before straightening it or curling it. I also like that you do not have to use any products on your hair before using the Dyson AirWrap as it doesn’t rely on heat but instead, it uses air. I must admit this is the only thing that I can use to curl my hair and it stays for longer than a few hours without a whole ton of hair product. Using my Dyson AirWrap Complete my hair holds a beautiful curl for 3-4 days even with being brushed multiple times, put up at bedtime, and just daily life. All without any product in my hair at all. I find it works best if I style my hair when it is still damp with dry roots, however, it is about playing around with it to find what works best for you and your hair.

As much as I love it and it has replaced all my other hair styling products it does take some getting used to using. This being said however it is easy to pick up and simple to use. I also found watching a few youtube tutorials helped me get the most out of my Dyson AirWrap Complete. I also use the Dyson AirWrap to simply dry the children’s hair after their bath. They prefer it as I can turn the temperature and power down as well as it is quieter than a conventional hair dryer.

All-in-all I would completely recommend the Dyson AirWrap Complete to anyone who is thinking about getting one. I couldn’t fault it in any way and honestly believe it is worth every penny.