We know Mother’s Day is next Sunday but because we will be travelling Daddy bear decided that we would celebrate today. It wasn’t anything major or glamorous but Baby bear picked what we did which meant more than anything.

I think the best part of the day was the lay-in I got as Daddy bear got up with Baby bear for me so I could sleep. I now know that was a slight mistake after Daddy bear informed me of what he had allowed Baby bear to eat. The list included coco pops, Panera chocolate croissant, and a Twix. Apparently, he told Daddy bear he was hungry so he took Baby bear into the pantry and whatever he picked Daddy bear let him eat. Needless to say Baby bear enjoyed his morning with Daddy.

While I was sleeping Daddy bear asked Baby bear where they should take me for lunch. Which of course, the toddler choose McDonalds. I know what your thinking fancy. They know how to spoil me. All jokes aside my little man picked where he wanted to take his mummy so that’s where we went. And who don’t like McDonalds every now and then. After lunch we then come home to just play and spend time together.

McDonalds Treat.
My McDonalds Treat.

I hadn’t asked for anything for Mothers day this year but I had seen a Bear family set of cups in Morrison’s I really liked. I had seen them in there around Valentines day but they didn’t have the full set. I mentioned then to Daddy bear and said how I thought they were perfect for our family.

Bear Mugs.

As you can see they are perfect for our family, and a really nice sized cup. So after telling me he wasn’t a fan of them and didn’t really see the point in getting them. Baby bear, with the help of Daddy bear, surprised me with them today for my Mothers day gift. They also got me a bottle of Pink Gin. Lastly, a couple of weeks ago they got me a new Superdry Baseball-style top which I have been able to wear and love it. Needless to say, I’ve been very spoilt this year.

Early Mothers Day Gift
Early Mothers Day Gift.

I’m lucky to have these 2 crazy boys. They can drive me crazy sometimes but they know how to make me smile and cheer me up when I’m not feeling 100% myself. Thank you boys for everything you did for me today x

I hope all you other mothers have the best day next weekend x