After our Ectopic Pregnancy in September which ended in surgery to remove the baby as well as my tube. We finally had our follow up appointment at the hospital this week. If I’m being honest I pushed it to the back of my mind for as long as I could, it was the last thing I wanted to think about.

We got our appointment date about a week after they performed my surgery so I made sure Daddy bear could get the time off work to come with me. He tried to make it to all of our appointments but he isn’t always able to. So when he told me he got it off I was so happy I didn’t have to face this 1 appointment on my own. I knew we would be getting the test results from the testing they did on the baby and tube and I just didn’t want to hear whatever the results were alone (Daddy bear didn’t want to miss the appointment either).

When we first got into our appointment our doctor expressed his sadness for our loss and how long it went on for us. He then read over the notes from my surgery. We already knew most of the information but it was comforting to hear again. We were told the whole of my right tube was taken due to damage, they looked at both my ovaries and they both look healthy and are a nice size. He also told us that my left tube and womb look completely healthy so he doesn’t see there being an issue for me to fall pregnant again and carry a full-term, healthy baby.

He then went on to look at the results from the testing, after a few minutes of silence and a lot of teary looks between myself and Daddy bear. Our doctor informed us that they didn’t find anything abnormal with the baby or my tube so he couldn’t give me another reason for our losses other than the babies not developing and growing the way they are meant to for a healthy pregnancy. The tears started to fall at this point. I knew it was unlikely they would find anything abnormal but part of me kind of wished they would so we had a real reason why this keeps happening to us.

Either way, there was nothing abnormal. My doctor then moved on to ask me how my recovery has been and my cycle. I told him other than a few twinges from my belly button scar and the one on my left side I have no pain. He was happy with how I’ve healed and my pain but didn’t look at my scars (good thing really as I wore a dress and a red thong). However, I am 2 nearly 3 weeks late on my period so I told him what was going on. I had a really painful 3 day bleed 5 weeks after my surgery which he agreed was most likely my first period. We have been using condoms each time we have sex and I haven’t felt pregnant so I really didn’t think that was what the cause. However, I did take a pregnancy test at home a few days before my appointment for my peace of mind and so I could tell my doctor the result of one. It was negative of course and I told our doctor this but he still wanted a blood BHCG to check what my levels were.

We then discussed what our plan is moving forward in both our TTC journey and for when we get a positive test. He asked what we wanted to do in regards to trying for another. We haven’t discussed it any further than wanting to wait until at least after Christmas to start thinking about having another baby. Being completely honest, going through the ectopic pregnancy has scared us both and the thought of going through it again petrifies me. He agreed with us and said that was a safe time to start again after our Ectopic pregnancy. He then told us that looking at all our results from our testing he doesn’t think we need to see him anymore until we get a positive pregnancy test.

Our future plan for our next pregnancy is a little different moving forward. We will still start the Clexane Injections and Asprin daily as soon as we get our BHCG results. I will then be started on Progesterone Suppositories to help my body support the pregnancy. However, he has said I will only go on them if my BHCG doubles exactly if not more as he doesn’t want to start me on it and support a pregnancy that isn’t developing and growing perfectly. I will also be scanned regularly until we see the pregnancy in the correct location with a heartbeat. He ensured me that the main reason for this was to be able to monitor any changes and to help check we aren’t having another ectopic pregnancy. Even though our chances of having another ectopic pregnancy are only 15-20% they want to keep a close eye on me to try and catch it earlier if it does happen again to try and save my only tube.

I rung back a few days after our appointment to see what my blood results were. My result was under 1 which confirms for sure I am not pregnant so my doctor thinks I may be late due to my hormone levels still leveling out from losing the baby and having a tube removed. It also confirmed that my BHCG has dropped completely from the ectopic pregnancy. If my period doesn’t start in the next 2-3 weeks I am to either ring my GP or fertility doctor to look into possible reasons why. I hope it doesn’t lead to that and it starts soon as my hormones are all over the place the last few weeks. I’ve been such an emotional wreck and so touchy it’s horrible but I’ll have to wait and see what my body decides to do. I will say though, Daddy bear brought me some Kalms to take and they have been helping a lot so I think I’m going to take them every month while I’m on my period to help my moods as I can be a bitch when I’m on. I know I am I just can’t seem to help it but the Kalms are helping me not be such a bitch.