As a mum and a childcare professional, I understand the importance of child development and self-care when it comes to encouraging independence in our little humans. Encouraging independence in children is essential for their self-confidence, self-reliance, and overall development to become responsible, well-rounded, and capable adults. So here are some top tips for promoting independence in children while also prioritizing self-care for us mummas.

• Set age-appropriate expectations:

Every child is different, so it’s important to set expectations that your child’s abilities can meet and they can achieve. For example, Baby bear is able to dress himself without any assistance however, Sweet bear is still fully reliant on us to dress her. Also

• Give them choices:

Empowerment and self-care go hand in hand, giving your child age-appropriate choices help them feel in control and promotes independence. Instead of dictating what your child should wear, offer them a choice between two or three outfits. Obviously, there are some things you have to dictate to them like having baths but for choices, they can make give them that freedom.

• Encourage them to try new things:

Children learn through experience, so it’s important to encourage them to try new things, even if they might fail. This helps them develop a growth mindset and teaches them that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process and to believe in themselves. This also goes into encouraging them to keep trying and not to give up the first time they are unable to complete a task. This teaches a child to preserve even when things are tougher.

• Praise their efforts:

Rather than focusing on the end result, praise children for their efforts. This helps them understand that hard work and perseverance are important and promotes self-care by not putting pressure on achieving perfection.

• Give them responsibility:

Assigning responsibility to your child helps them understand that their actions have consequences, and teaches them to be responsible. For example, Baby bear has responsibility over his toys being put away/not near Sweet bear if he doesn’t want them broken, he is also responsibile for putting his washing in his washing bin if he wants me to clean them. I do not pick clothes up off his bedroom floor to clean. I have wrote a seperate post about chores you can give to your children (link is here).

• Lead by example:

Children learn from observing adults, so it’s essential to be a good role model. Show them what it means to be independent and responsible by taking care of yourself and handling your own responsibilities. By showing children you struggling but persevering shows them its okay to struggle but to not give up.

Encouraging independence in your children takes patience and consistency, and self-care is crucial to maintain balance. As your child becomes more independent, you’ll find that they are more confident and capable, and you’ll have more time and energy to devote to other things. It isn’t as easy with some children as it is others but have faith in yourself mumma/dad you will get there and your little people will achieve great things just in their own time.