As most of you know we are experiencing a heatwave at the moment. Today we had L come to play with us in the garden which of course Baby bear loved. They have a very big obsession with each other and its the cutest thing ever. It wasn’t as warm as yesterday but I’m not complaining it was so much nicer.

Most of the garden toys were already out and set up from yesterday so all I needed to do was blow up his bigger paddling pool for them to play in. Which of course, just my luck, as soon as I started to fill up the pool it started raining. Needless to say, I then had 2 very unhappy little people when I took them back inside. It didn’t last long before they were in their own little world again building train tracks.

building train tracks
Building Train Tracks.

As soon as they saw it had stopped raining Baby bear had stripped and was in the garden. L can’t undress her self yet (luckily, I only need to be chasing 1 knacked child round the garden) but she was heading towards the pool fully dressed. She was already in her 2nd outfit of the day after Babybear soaked her with the hose, I didn’t need another wet outfit. As soon as they were in their costumes they were in the water.

water fun in the heatwave
Water Fun In The Heatwave.
it's always better with a slide
It’s Always Better With A Slide.

It was lovely watching them just play in the water, taking it in turns. For Baby bears birthday he was very lucky enough to receive 2 Buzz Lightyear water blasters (which he loves). I was planning on returning 1 but Daddy bear said about keeping both so he and L could play with Baby bear. I wasn’t sold on the idea at first when Daddy bear and Baby bear played with them (it was comical watching Daddy bear run around the garden squirting a child’s toy). However, watching the kiddies playing with them together just melted my heart, while the heatwave melted the rest of me. Gosh, I love them.

water fun
Water fun.

The cheekiness only continued when I gave them lunch. If you know Baby bear and L they love food, in fact, Baby bears catchphrase is “I’m hungry”. Anyway, all the water play and the heatwave must-have made them so hungry as they sat nicely and ate all their lunch and asked for something else (shocker…). Baby bear loved having someone to sit at his bench with other than me or Daddy bear.


They loved playing in the garden and I loved watching them. They had so much fun playing with all the garden toys and in the playhouse. I’m not going to lie I am going to miss these moments when they both start nursery September. We are so lucky to have made such good friends here.

Playhouse Fun.