I have been lucky enough to receive these items from Jess an Ann Summers Consultant to include in this post.

If you have been following my blog for a while you may remember I did a post a while ago about there being more to a relationship than sex. Which is still so very true and I stand by what I said but let’s be honest sex is still an important part of a relationship. During lockdown and being with Daddy bear 24/7 was a huge change for us, we are used to being apart for a large section of the day while Daddy bear was at work. We also had our own activities outside the house once a week but when we went into lockdown I found that we were looking into trying different things in the bedroom.

As I said in my previous blog, feeling sexy and good about yourself is important in how your partner sees you. I find wearing underwear and Pj’s helps me feel sexy in my body/skin. This isn’t easy since having Baby bear and all our angels as my body has changed so much it’s hard to feel good. My body doesn’t look like it did when Daddy bear and I first got together and as much as Daddy bear tells me he still finds me sexy and attractive it’s hard to believe it. So pretty underwear, PJ’s and loungewear help me feel good in my own skin. I love these sets Jess sent me the underwear is so comfortable and this Cami set is perfect for this heatwave. The Camiset is quiet see-through but is so soft it doesn’t bother me that I have to wear underwear under it if I’m wearing it around the house.

ann summers
Ann Summers

Like most couples, we enjoy using toys and restraints in the bedroom (well nothing too out there…). As you can imagine over the last 8 years together we have created quite a collection of different items to use in (and out sometimes) of the bedroom. This being said there are still things we are wanted to try out or upgrade on so I loved receiving these to try out. The spreader bar was something different to what we are used to but it has been a fun addition. It was the same for the door jams but again they are defiantly a fun addition for us. Obviously these things aren’t for everyone but I would recommend trying something new and slightly out your ‘normal’ to spice things up in your relationship.

When we first got together and I got my first toys I never understood the importance of cleaning them after each use. It was only once we started to grow our collection that I started to look into how to take care of all our toys. Before finding these cleaning wipes on Ann Summers I use to just use warm water and a unfragranced soup but as you can imagine there were times when I didn’t clean them after. So these wipes have been amazing, I keep them in the same place as my toys so when I go to put them away the wipes are there ready for me to use first.

I do want to point out that using anything in the bedroom should be done safely and only when both parties are consenting.

As I have mentioned the items I’ve pictured and talked about in this post was gifted to me from the lovely Ann Summers consultant Jess. You can find her over on Facebook Mind, Body and Soul where you can find amazing deals, games as well as having your very own consultant to help with orders, enquires and just finding out information about products.