Finding a gift for Daddy bear is always a challenge so this fathers day I decided to make his card and gift with Baby bear. I browsed Pinterest for some ideas of what we could do and decided we would make these.

Daddy Bears card. 
Daddy Bears gift. 

As the gift involved me doing a lot of it. One day, during nap time I drew up the words ‘Following In My Daddys Footsteps’ and coloured them in. I then painted the bottom of one of Daddy Bears shoes and made a footprint across the paper. I then put it in a hidden place to dry so Daddy Bear didn’t find it.

A few days before Fathers day I drew out the letters to spell ‘D A D’ and cut them out. I also folded the card in half ready for me to tack the letters on for Baby bear to paint.

Letters all cut out. 
folded card
Card folded in half. 
tacking letters
Tacking the letters. 
letters on the card
Letters tacked in place. 

I then selected a bunch of bright colours out of our box. I put each colour into the paint pot I saved from a Christmas craft we did. I gave these to Baby bear with a paintbrush and let him start to paint the card.

Once Baby bear had covered all the letters with paint and had said he was finished I then peeled off the letters to reveal the word ‘DAD’ in the paint. 

Painting his card. 
‘Dad’ Revealed 

I decided I wanted to make it look a little better so I decided to cover each letter in some glitter glue we had in our craft box. This created the end product you saw at the start of this post. 

Once we had finished Daddy Bears card. We then finished off Daddy bears present. I used alittle of the paint that was left over from painting his card to paint the bottom on Baby bears foot to make the print. Making the footprint was the easy part. I placed the paper on the floor and held Baby bear on my lap. I then placed his foot down on the paper where I wanted the print and pressed down to ensure his whole foot had been printed. 

This then created the end product you also saw at the start of the post. I just left both to dry in a secret place so Daddy Bear didn’t find them until the day before Fathers Day when I got them out for Baby bear to write in his card and to put his present in a frame ready to give Daddy bear.