Leading up to fathers day, I started to think about what Baby bear should get Daddy Bear for fathers day. Buying gifts for Daddy bear isn’t the easiest thing to do. So I decided to make him his gift and card. I then went to trusty old Pinterest for some ideas. I found a couple of ideas I liked but I decided to create this card and picture for Daddy bear.

Daddy's card
Daddy Bears card.
Daddy's gift
Daddy Bears Gift. 

We have a tradition as such, that on Fathers day and Mothers day we go out to breakfast, depending on the day either myself or Daddy bear chooses where we go for breakfast, what we have for dinner and what we do that day.

So this morning, once Daddy Bear had woken up, he decided to go to Morrison’s cafe for breakfast. I know so flashy!… But we enjoy the food there and we aren’t overly fancy people. We like the simple things in life. I think the main thing is just going out for breakfast for a change and we don’t have to clean up afterwards.

Once we had finished our breakfast, we then had a wander around Morrison’s to pick some bits up for dinner. Baby bear loves pushing the children sized trolleys and it helps make shopping fun for him. We just have to watch he doesn’t add anything to the trolley we don’t need (Mexican tortillas and salsa, some of many unwanted adds).

Baby bears trolley
Baby bear with his trolley 

Daddy bear decided he wanted curry for dinner, with chocolate dipped fruit for dessert. So once we had got what we needed from Morrison’s we then headed to Aldi. Daddy bear really likes the specialty curries from there so that’s what we went to find. That was dinner sorted. Easy.

The Chosen Dinner. 

Daddy Bear isn’t one who can just sit around all day, he likes to know he has done something even if it’s only little. So this is exactly what happened, we got home and he played on his computer for a while, watched some of his programmes he likes then got up to sort his shed out.

The day isn’t over yet but I’m sure Daddy bear is having a good day so far and will for the remaining of the day. Check out my ‘Father’s Day crafts’ to see how we created Daddy bears card and present.