Abnormal results? HyCoSy? What’s our next step in our infertility journey…

If you have been following our infertility journey you would know we have recently gone through some further testing. We got a new infertility doctor back in September and she ordered a bunch of different testing to be done and for some to be repeated. We had a lot of blood tests done with our first fertility doctor but when we got a new doctor she thought there was more we could test to see if we could get some answers. As you may already know these included a full cycle blood work, cervix swabs, a sperm sample and an ultrasound.

I’ll start with all my test result. As we thought my scan showed that my uterus and lining is normal as well as normal ovaries. My blood results showed that I’m immune to Rubella, my FSH, LH and 17 Beta Oestradiol are all within the normal range. This shows I have a normal ovarian reserve which basically means I have a good amount of egg follicles in my ovaries. They also tested my serum Progesterone at day 21 to see if my body had produced an egg which my results showed I did. So all in all my results have shown no reasons to why I am struggling to fall pregnant and stay pregnant.

We also got Daddy bears results back from his sperm sample. All his numbers come back above average other than his Morphology being 1% under ‘normal’. But again all in all his sample overall appears very reassuring and doesn’t show anything that would cause issues.

So you’re probably thinking well why were you crying, lady? That’s good news isn’t it, and it is and we are happy there’s nothing wrong but at the same time by getting these results it means we have to move forward with further testing to see if we can find any answers to why we keep losing our babies.

Our doctor has decided to send me for a HyCoSy scan to take a look at my remaining tube. A HyCoSy scan is a Hysterosalpingo Contrast Ultrasound. Having this scans means they will inject contrast into my uterus through my cervix before giving me an internal ultrasound to see if they can see the contrast in my tube. This will show the doctors if there is a blockage in my tube that is preventing my egg meeting Daddy bears sperm which explains why I haven’t fallen pregnant since having my right tube removed. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a mini panic attack when I read that I would need this scan. As much as I hate all of this, I’m not ready to stop yet. I want answers even if we don’t have another pregnancy I want to get answers to why my sweet babies aren’t here with us. I want to know why it has been so hard falling pregnant since Baby bear.

We have a phone appointment with our fertility doctor next month to discuss this test further and to go over everything. We have a few questions we want to ask also so I will of course update you all once we have that appointment. I also want to quickly thank everyone who reached out over the weekend after seeing my year of photos Saturday. I am doing better, I’ve come to terms with our results and what the next steps are for us (even though I still can’t stop crying) and I’m excited to be an Aunty, it just takes me a second to get over the ‘I wish it was our turn and infertility sucks’ part.