Since having Baby bear myself and Daddy bear have learned the importance of finding time to work on our relationship and how hard it can be finding that time. We have a really good relationship but all relationships need work. Before we moved, we were lucky enough to have a lot of family around us. This meant that there was pretty much always someone available to watch Baby bear for us so we could have some us time

Since we have moved into our own family home away from family. We have found that finding time for us is few and far between. We have had to become more inventive with date nights and spending time together. Having to learn to appreciate the little things like watching a film together or having dinner after Baby bear has gone to bed, wasn’t something easy to do.

Even though we try and find the time, having Baby bear with us all the time can make it harder. When we go to visit family we always try and find a babysitter to watch Baby bear so we can go out and spend some quality time together. I do think that we appreciate this time so much more now we don’t get it very often. I find it hard to take people up on their offers to watch Baby bear but I’m having to work on it for the sake of our relationship. 

Our family photo

Finding time for you and your partner is so important and I think it’s important to try and find any time you can to spend quality time together. Relationships aren’t always easy but if your happy and its what you want, then your relationship is so worth working on.