One of my favourite gifts to receive is perfumes. I love trying different scents and trying new fragrances out. So when Lousie from FM Woodville Fragrances reached out and sent me some of her samples to try and review I was very excited.

FM Woodville fragrances offer over 150 high-quality, long-wear perfumes, aftershaves to make-up, skincare, candles, shower gels and much more. Their perfumes and aftershaves are cheaper alternatives to our much loved high street brands while still giving us the scents we love. This is due to them using numbers instead of names while also keeping their bottles and packing simple yet slick to help keep their prices low and affordable. I love high street perfumes like Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo and Yves Saint Laurent which can be very pricey per bottle so I love that I am able to find my favourite scents at a fraction on the price. With prices starting from £13 for 15ml and £14.90 for 50ml you can’t say no.

FM Woodville Fragrances

I received 2 perfumes and 1 aftershave to try out. The 2 perfumes where number 18 which is inspired by Chanel – Coco Madmoiselle from the Pure range. I also got number 359 which is inspired by Theirry Mugler – Alien Essence Absolu from the Pure ROYAL range. Daddy bear was also lucky enough to receive the aftershave number 52 which is inspired by one of his favourites Huge Boss – Boss Bottled from the Pure range.

I have been wearing both the perfumes over that last week and a half and have fallen in love with them both. However number 359 is defiantly my favourite, the scent is just to dye for. I love perfumes that I can put on in the morning and still spell them and get compliments on at the end of the day and these both defiantly do that. I have even been able to still smell them on my clothes a couple of days later when I get them out the washing basket to wash them.

Daddy bear has also enjoyed wearing his aftershave saying it smelt just like the original (he’s a man of many words…). I will say that you can still smell the aftershave after Daddy bear has left the room and it leaves our room smelling amazing for a good few hours in the morning after he has put it on.

FM Woodville fragrance

As I have mentioned this is a collaborative post with FM Woodville Fragrances, however, these are my own opinions and I truly love these fragrances. If you want to also try out these amazing products please head over to either Louise Facebook or Instagram and let her know ‘Growingclan sent me’ when you order. By ordering through Louise and letting her know I have sent you means that for every 10 sales I will receive a free fragrance at no extra cost to you. Which I may do a give away with over on my Instagram as a thank you.