Some of you may remember my post about some health concerns we were having with Baby bear. We did all the tests that they asked of us including 2 blood tests and urine tests but didn’t hear anything from the results so we just thought everything was fine with Baby bear and no issues were found. This apparently wasn’t the case as I got an unexpected call from the hospital last Wednesday asking to book an appointment for Baby bear to be seen due to the doctors sending a referral last August. However, due to covid, they could only just offer us an appointment to be seen. I honestly didn’t really know what it is was for other than our GP had referred him due to concerns with his blood test results.

I of course took the appointment that was offered as I would rather be on the safe side and get him checked over if there was an issue. Don’t get me wrong it was very worrying not knowing what was found in his blood test I also guessed it wasn’t terrible as it had been months between the referral being sent and getting the appointment. Tuesday rolled around and we left school and work early to head to the hospital. I tried to calm Baby Bear’s nerves as much as I could but he was a real trooper and handled it like a champ. I honestly can’t say 1 bad thing about the whole experience, they were amazing from start to end and I can’t thank the doctor or nurses enough for settling Baby bear and explaining everything so well to me to calm my nerves.

So when we arrived in the Children’s ward, they checked Baby bear in then showed us the waiting room that was brightly decorated with a few toys for the children to play with. A nurse then came and got Baby bear to take his height, weight, and blood pressure. She was amazing she made it all fun for him and made sure he understood what she was doing and explained everything she was doing. It might sound simple and silly but for a child-like Baby bear, this is huge and helped calm his inquisitive mind. We then went back into the waiting room for the doctor to call us.

Once the doctor had called us back into his room, he had a little chat with Baby bear about his day, what he’s been doing at school. He then opened Baby Bear’s file and asked me why we were there to see him. I explained what had gone on back in July time last year and what we were told and did. He then went through Baby Bear’s new measurements and compared them to the last ones taken from him back in October. We found that Baby bear had only grown 3 cm and had lost 1.5kg, this was shocking to me if I’m being honest. The doctor then asked a little about mine and Daddy Bear’s height so he could make a prediction on how tall baby bear will be when fully grown. He is predicted to be 5ft 7 so that’s a good size.

He then looked at Baby bear’s red book and how his growth was in his first 2 years of life. When we weaned Baby bear onto food we started to struggle with Baby bear gaining weight and keeping the weight on. Since then he has become a skinny, small child who has always been full of energy and flourishing so no one really listened to my concerns. This being said since he was 6 months he has been following the same percental line, given its the line lower than where he should be but he is staying consistent which is a good sign. The doctor has said it is something we need to keep an eye on as if he loses more weight Baby bear will drop into between the 2nd and 9th percentile which is a concerning place to be. So we need to keep an eye on his weight and height every 6 months and the hospital will also keep an eye on him to make sure he is staying where he needs to be and healthy. This appointment has helped calm the concerns we had about him and settled our minds that he is healthy just small which is perfectly okay. We did however run a full blood test just to check there are no abnormalities in his results.

Needless to say, I am very happy that my concerns have been settled and for now, we have a happy healthy all be it small boy.