It’s not very often I am alone with Baby bear other than during the weekdays when Daddy bear is at work. However, when we were planning our next visit to see family in Essex it fell on their half term. So I decided myself and Baby bear would stay with our family for nearly 2 weeks so we could spend time with them. It seemed a great idea till I realized I would be facing the Toddler storm that is Baby bear alone. Urgg…Send Help.

me and baby bear

Me and baby bear

Of course, I will have our family around to help I will be the main parent. I’m lucky enough to have the best in-laws who have agreed to have Baby bear for a sleepover so I will have 1 night Baby free to catch up on sleep and just recuperate. As much as I’m used to having Baby bear on my own during the day, I’m just not used to not having Daddy bear around of an evening to tag team in.

nanny and baby bear

Nanny and Baby Bear

It’s been nearly a year since I spent time with family on my own with Baby bear, so other than being nervous about how I will cope I am so excited to see our family. We have a lot of days planned with family and friends. Most exciting I get to see my niece who we haven’t seen since August and even then it was hard spending time with her while going through our miscarriage. However, this time we get to enjoy our time with her taking her to the pumpkin patch and get some cute cousin photos and even better I don’t have to share her with Daddy bear (sorry but she’s mine). We also get to catch up with mine and Baby bears best friends, have a fun day out with great nanny as well as having a meal out with nanny and Aunt K.

me, baby bear and aunt k

Me, Baby Bear and Aunt K

I’m excited to see everyone but I’m defiantly nervous about being the single parent for 2 weeks. I know it will be worth it though to spend time with our family and friends.