It seems as soon as Baby Bear was born, everyone we spoke to asked us, when we were going to start growing our family and when baby number 2 would be arriving. It seems to be getting more of a hot topic the older Baby Bear gets and to be completely honest this last nearing on a year I have grown to hate that question as its just a reminder that we haven’t been able to fall pregnant with baby bear 2 yet.  Before we decided to ‘try’ and start growing our family, I was one of these people who would ask and think nothing of it, but as months have gone on I have seen another side of this topic.

It seems to have become a question that everyone asks and you just expect it now, which I get people don’t mean it to upset anyone but it can be a hard question to be asked and have to answer for some mumma’s. I am the first person to say how lucky I am to have 1 healthy child as I know some people don’t get that but it also doesn’t make that question any easier to handle when that’s all we have been wanting for nearly a year now.

During our time of trying to conceive baby number 2, and looking into what could be going on that is making it so hard for us I have found there’s not a lot of other mumma’s talking about their struggles to conceive baby number 2. I found a lot of statics but that’s not overly helpful. Part of me was hoping to find other mumma’s stories about how they fell pregnant with their first baby unexpectedly then struggled falling for their second.

To begin with I just tracked my periods really nothing major with no luck, after a couple of months I started taking folic acids and some other vitamins I had read could help and still no luck, so I then downloaded the app Ovia to help track my cycle but again more negative tests and disappointment. I then started ovulation tests and started taking them and as it stands we still have had no luck. I never thought I would be the mumma who sits on their bathroom floor crying each month but that seems to be who I have become, dreading Daddy bear coming home and having to tell him not this month and seeing the disappointment on his face (yes, I see it but thank you for trying to hide it and be supportive). 

That is the reason for this post, to hopefully just help one mumma not fell like she alone going through this. Chin up we will get our baby’s soon.