When we had our day out to Lathcoats Farm, nanny and Aunt K brought a pumpkin for Baby bear to carve ready for Halloween. So with Halloween this week I decided to invite mine and Baby bears friends over to have some Halloween fun with us. I wanted to make some Halloween themed crafts and cupcakes with him so it was even better we got to do it with friends.

Once the girls arrived we decided to make cupcakes first. Nanny makes professional cakes as a “hobby” so we were lucky enough to have a wide choice of colors for the children to pick from to make their cakes with. Baby bear wanted blue cakes, R wanted pink and D wanted green. It worked out perfectly we knew exactly whose cakes were whose. They loved making them it was the cutest thing ever.

friends making cakes

Lots of colors.



While they were cooking we had some lunch… Well us adults had lunch the children decided to pick at their lunch and run around being wild. Yay, no peaceful, relaxing lunch here…

Straight after lunch D went down for a nap so R and Baby bear broke into the pens, to begin with, and drew us some ‘big tractors’ (squint your eyes, turn your head slightly to the left and close one eye, you may see it). Next big artists right here.


Can you see it? Tractors right…

We then moved on to decorating fridge magnets. We brought a kit that included everything in it. Baby bear and R loved painting their magnets. Its sad D couldn’t join us but she was super tired bless her. Once they had painted their magnets they then continued painting on some paper.

painting their magnets

Best friends painting.

master pieces


Once they finished their magnets, we started emptying the pumpkin. I had this vision of the children all gathered around the pumpkin with their hands in there. It started off like that but they both hated the feeling of the pumpkin insides so they got a spoon each to use. However, this didn’t last long. It soon became all us mummas sat around the pumpkin scraping the middle out while all the children played with toys around us.

halloween fun

Halloween fun.

mummas pumpkin fun

Mumma pumpkin fun.

Once we had emptied it all out, Baby bear, R, and D then sat and decorated the pumpkin exaclty how they wanted and I love it. I’m kinda gutted I can’t keep it without it starting to rot. Yeah, I’m that mumma.

painting their pumpkin

Painting their pumpkin.

beautiful creation

Beautiful Pumpkin.

Needless to say after this we threw all 3 of them in the bath to clean them. There was paint everywhere… but hey they had fun and the pumpkin is super cute now.

We then decided to ice and decorate our cupcakes. Again we gave them a choice in what color they wanted to make their icing so Baby bear chose yellow, D chose pink and R chose blue. Very colorful. They loved using the icing bags and adding all they sprinkles and chocolate chips.

baby bear mixing

Baby bear mixing.

r mixing

R mixing.

d mixing

D mixing.

yummy cakes

Yummy cakes.

We had so much fun with our friends and can’t wait to see them again on our next visit. Baby bear had so much fun with his friends and I loved seeing them all together playing and having Halloween fun together.