After everything we have been through I honestly didn’t think I would have to be dealing with getting referred back to our fertility clinic. But yet here we are. So if you read my post from my follow up appointment you will know our plan moving forward was to not have any more appointments until we fell pregnant again. However, for the last few months, things haven’t been right or good with me and we are starting to worry so I decided to give my doctors office a call. I did not expect to be told I had to get referred back to them to be able to set up an appointment to get checked over.

I haven’t really touched on what’s been going on to anyone in our life as its been really messing with my head and heart. We’ve had so many months where we have got our hopes up thinking I was ‘for sure’ pregnant as I’ve been 3+ days late for my period (which my cycle is normally like clockwork). It’s even been to the point where Daddy bear has gone out and brought Pregnancy tests for me to take as we were certain. Which has made it even harder to see a negative test then for my cycle to finally start. I started to track ovulation with my Clearblue and cheap tests again to see if I was actually ovulating when it said I was and when to see if that was what was causing the issues. I found I was still ovulating between days 14 and 16 like normal. So I have no idea what is going on which is why I wanted to see my doctor.

It is also starting to worry us that when I do finally get my period it cripples me to the point I can barely stand up with being doubled over. I have always had painful period cramps but they have never stopped me in my track before but the last few months have been so painful. Even the slight cramping the days leading upto my period starting have been so painful. Which is worrying us that there is something wrong with my last tube/working ovary/womb and the longer we don’t know whats going on the more damage is happening. So having to wait to be referred back to the hospital isn’t helping at all.

Its also been almost a year since our last pregnancy which isn’t normal for us. Don’t get me wrong it takes us a good 4-5 months after a miscarriage to fall pregnant again but now it’s coming up to a year since our last pregnancy I’m starting to panic. I’m so worried that the ovary and tube that I have left isn’t working and wasn’t working before our ectopic pregnancy but we never knew because I had both my tubes and ovaries.

I’m hoping there is a simple answer for all of this and we don’t have anything else to worry about. I just want things to be easier for us moving forward. I honestly don’t see how things could possibly get worse for us after going through everything we did back last October.