If you have read my previous post you would know Baby bear is starting nursery September so this week Baby bear had his first settling in session. He has been so excited to go since we booked it with the nursery and I was so excited for him but that’s my baby.

The closer it got to the day the more nervous I got and the more excited he got. It’s just been us for 3 years and now it’s all going to change and I’m not ready for it if I’m being honest. I’m losing my baby – his becoming a big boy. Even though he is so ready for this next step, I, on the other hand, am not ready for this step at all. Like, seriously let’s just press pause for a minute so I can enjoy my baby just a little while longer before I turn around and his 36 and married. I’m not joking his growing up way to fast for my liking.

I’ve been holding off getting his things we need for September. However, walking through Tesco last week they had all the back to school stuff out and Baby bear saw his perfect lunchbox and water bottle. Can you guess what he picked?….

….Toy Story. Of course, what else would he pick he is completely obsessed with Toy Story at the moment. Which I had to make a packed lunch for even though he wasn’t staying for lunch during his settling in session. It is so cute watching him carry it around with him.

Settling in session
Toy Story Lunchbox and Water Bottle.

If you read my 9 questions to ask when viewing a nursery post you will know Baby bears nursery doesn’t have a set uniform. So we decided to set our own ‘uniform’ so he doesn’t ruin his other clothes. I also think it will help him understand that when he goes to nursery/school he has to wear a set uniform. I decided I wanted him in white polos (I know I’m going to regret it but he looks so smart). So thanks to Nanny after hunting for white school polos small enough for Baby bear (he is 3 years old but only in 1-1.5 years clothing) we were about to get him some. For his trousers, I want them to look causal/smart but still comfortable for Baby bear. He also needs to be able to pull them down on his own. I haven’t found exactly what I want yet so for his settling in session I put him in some chino style shorts and one of his polos.

ready for his settling in session
Ready for his settling in session in his uniform.

Daddy bear joined me in taking him to the nursery which he loved having us both drop him off. He was so excited he wouldn’t even eat breakfast, he just wanted to go. As soon as we got there he took his backpack and was through the door. We had to call him back to give up a kiss and cuddle bye. It’s good I guess that he didn’t care and went in without having any issues but this mumma’s heart cannot take it.

He loved every minute of it. He didn’t want to leave once his settling in session was finished which make me so happy while breaking my heart a little. All he has done since is ask to go to nursery. He is so excited, and so am I. I just don’t know how he got so big all of a sudden. I’m so proud of the little person he has become.