My little man,

How are you 3 today? It only felt like yesterday I was meeting my tiny 7lb baby and you are now my 3 years old (still tiny though). You are still so loving, smart and funny boy but your personality has grown so much this past year. Your personality isn’t the only thing that has developed, so has your cheeky attitude but we wouldn’t change you for the world.

We can’t believe how much you have grown up and achieved this year. You are now completely dry during the day and night with a very rare accident. You have learned to dress and undress without any help(other than socks and jeans which you still need help putting on). You can now name your colors, count to 10, sing the alphabet, write the letters for your name (not well but its a start) well as long as your not asked then we suddenly don’t know them. Needless to say, you like to make mummy look like she is lying about what you can do… Thanks bud much appreciated.

I never thought I’d have to worry about girls at this point in your life but your such a ladies man. No matter where we go you will flirt with at least one girl/lady (You don’t care about her age, whether she has a family, married…You will flirt whatever). It’s so funny to watch you with 1 particular girl at our local pub. Every time we go there you look for her and just want to talk to her. You even asked for a birthday kiss from her which you got and went so shy (it’s cute but NO GIRLS…). Your such a ladies man and Daddy bear is very proud of the fact.

You have become the best, most loving big cousin to B. We have loved watching you develop the best bond with her. It has really shown us your caring, gentle, loving side. We can’t wait to see you be a big brother to a baby sibling (your the best brother to your angel siblings). You are so loving to all your friends, you love giving them cuddles, kisses and holding their hands when you are walking with them (even if L isn’t as loving back). Your such a loving boy to everyone in your life.

You have found some new favorite things. You love anything Dinosaur, Spider-Man and Toy Story. It is all you want to play with, watch, even the clothes you want to wear. You still love your Gruffalo though, I don’t think you will ever not love him. Your still, not a TV boy, you like watching films every now and then but you would much rather have the Alexa blaring music. You do the cutest dance you like to call “shake it”. I don’t know many 3-year-olds not to like TV but I’m not complaining Mumma likes music too.

You are my sunshine on the darkest of days. I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow. Please never change, you are my proudest achievement. Everyone in your life is so lucky to know the amazing little boy you are and you truly bring happiness wherever you are to the people around you. I hope you know just how loved you are Baby bear.

Love you always and forever.

Mummy xx