If you have been following along for a while you will know I gave up my job back in July last year and Daddy Bear started a new work-from-home job in September. I am now also a stay-at-home mum again which means we are both at home full time. Together. In the same space (well sort of, he works in the office). So I thought it would be interesting to share how things are going for us as we aren’t the type of couple to be able to be together 24/7 without our own space.

I knew it was going to be challenging because of the fact we like having our own space but if I’m being honest it has gone smoother than I thought. Because he is out of the house in our office outbuilding it gives the allusion of him being out of the house while still being about to pop in and talk to him when I want (within reason). He does pop in the house throughout the day and of course during his lunch break. However, it is just me and Sweet Bear indoors most of the day.

We also enjoy having the ability to enjoy some martial time during lunch breaks or during nap time. It has definitely added a bit of fun and spontaneity to our relationship. With having a toddler back making time after both children have done to bed and all the housework is done can prove challenging. Especially after a rough night’s sleep the night before so this helps make sure we are still meeting that need in our marriage.

We have also been very productive with the house renovations as he is home to help do them and we aren’t having to wait for the weekends to do things. I also have been eating some amazing food as he is home to cook and creates some amazing dishes. Him being home also comes in handy most days when I’m doing the school run as he is home so I am able to leave Sweet Bear with him if she is still sleeping. Because you never want to have to wake a sleeping baby. We also get to enjoy some lunchtime bike rides and walks together.

However, it isn’t all sunshine and roses, he drinks coffee like it’s going out of fashion (between him and Sweet Bear we go through 12 pints of milk a week). He also likes to make a mess in my clean kitchen. He also likes to get in on the action when I have lunch dates with the girls which he loves. He also knows where I am and what I’m doing which sounds creepy but he just knows when I’m home or not so can’t get anything past him for surprises anymore.

All-in-all it is going well and we are enjoying being home together. We are only 7-8 months in so things may change but at the moment I’m loving having him home with me and Sweet Bear.