If you follow me here you will know I am a stay-at-home mum to our nearly 7-year-old son who is in full-time education and our 20-month-old daughter. I am reasonable for most of the upkeep on the housework however, Daddy Bear does help out where he can. However, I have finally found some tips and tricks that help me keep on top of all the housework, and the children’s clubs, as well as having a blog, small business, social life, and making sure I make time for myself. So I thought I would share them with all you stay-at-home parents who may be struggling.

Making a Job List.

This is something I really didn’t believe would help until I started doing it. I write a list of all the jobs I want or need to do throughout the week. You can do this however works for you but I find using the Mrs.Hinch book that I’ve linked here. I like it as it shows me all the jobs I need to do broken down into each room. I can also see them all without having to turn a page or flick through notes. Daddy Bear has also said he finds this helpful as he can look at it and see what I have left to tick off so he can help.

Set Dedicated Time Slots.

I find setting a set time/day in the week for me to take time for myself whether that is to relax in the bath, paint my nails or just lay in bed and do nothing helps. It is so easy for life to take over and you get to the end of the week and you realize you didn’t take any time for yourself other than the 5-minute shower to have a wash. Sometimes this does mean leaving the toys all over the floor, or not cleaning the kitchen but them things can wait. Having time for yourself is important, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Prioritize Your Time.

When looking at what I need to do for the week ahead on Sunday evening, I look at what needs my attention first and foremost before the other bits. I start off with the children’s activities, meetings, or appointments and any prior commitments. I then fit everything else around this and if it doesn’t get done that’s okay.

Be Easy On Yourself.

It’s so easy to look on social media and beat yourself up because your house isn’t sparking from top to bottom all the time. You don’t have clear plastic containers in your cupboards or the perfect show home. But you know what, that’s okay. Toys being everywhere means your children have had fun playing. You have a sink of dirty dishes, which means you have made your family a home-cooked meal, having a dirty washing pile means you have gotten out of your PJs and gotten dressed. All of these things are okay and show your house is a home. Be a little easier on yourself.

Ask For Help.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Whether that be someone watching your children so you can get on top of housework. Or asking to meet up with a friend because you need to vent about life. Asking someone to help you get on top of odd jobs around the house. There is no shame in this and it is okay to need help sometimes.

Meal Plan.

I find making a meal plan for the week while doing the shopping list helps not only make sure we are using what we have already but also helps us know exactly what we are having for dinner each night. I plan our meals around what we have going on each day so we are able to stick to the meal plan. I also find this helps make sure that come dinner time we aren’t standing looking in the fridge helplessly. It also means both myself and Daddy Bear know what the plan is and either of us can sort dinner without bothering the other.