I love going to a good party and I like knowing I threw a good party to. Baby bears first birthday, there was no budget which meant we spent a lot. Not that I would change any of it, as he was turning 1 and everyone had a great day. However, when I decided I wanted to throw Baby bear a second birthday I told myself there was a budget this time.

Before I set the budget I sat down and roughly worked out what everything would cost me as I don’t believe there’s any point in setting a budget if you aren’t really going to be able to stick to it. I also pick my theme as that can impact how much things are going to cost me. Depending on what you want to spend will also impact on how much you do yourself and how much you buy. 

I’m quite lucky with the fact my mum makes cakes and we were throwing the party at my parent’s house. This brought my costs down by loads straight away. I also decided I was going to make the invites myself as I wanted them all slightly different. I looked on Pinterest to find roughly want I wanted and set to work. 

We had most of the supplies I needed in our craft box, I only needed to pick up some more colored card. So other than a few naptime and evening spent doing them they didn’t cost me a lot at all. 

Our invites. 

When I searched for decorations, again I couldn’t find anything I liked so I decided I would make them as well. For them , I googled the signs I wanted and drew them out making the changes I wanted. Once I had drawn one of each design I then photocopied them and backed them on card to make them stronger. 


I then started to think about food. We decided to make sandwiches, some frozen pizza, sausage rolls and picky party food. By making the food yourself and buying it from cheaper shops, ie; Lidl, Aldi, Iceland. It helps keep your costs down while still ensuring there is enough food for your guests. 

Instead of party bags, I decided I would make a sweet cone for each child who would be coming to his birthday. By doing them myself, it more than halved the price. These are one of the easiest things to make, time-consuming but easy. I simply ordered the plastic sweet cones and tags of Ebay and got the sweets to fill them from Asda. I was lucky enough that my sister-in-law offered to make them up for me which was a huge help. I decided to buy my niece her own party favor as she was too young for the sweet cones.

sweet cones.
Sweet cones.

The entertainment was also free as we already had a slide, climbing frame and trampoline at my parent’s house. I then decided to take our own bouncy castle, ball pit, cars with us for all the children to play with while at the party. So my advice is to use your child’s toys or see what family and friends can lend you for the day.

I got very lucky planning Baby bears party, I have a wonderful family around us that wanted to help make Baby bears day as amazing as possible and it helped bring our costs down a lot.  Even without all our families generosity I was still only planning on spending £80 on everything. Doing it all yourself does take more time but it also saves you a lot of money.

Hope this helped give you some ideas on how to keep cost down while planning the best party for your little ones.