So as everyone knows we have been under strict restrictions for the past week due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Just before we went into lockdown we picked our newest member of the family up Mia our puppy. So we have been locked up at home with a very energic toddler and puppy. I say we lightly as Daddy bear is still working, as his a key worker so I’ve been home with both of them each day during the week.

At the start of the COVID 19 lockdown, I was in high spirits if I’m being honest. I thought I would smash it, how hard could it be looking after a toddler and puppy. I’m at home with Baby bear all week other than the 15 hours his at nursery so how different could it be. And a puppy can’t be that much extra surely… Boy, I was wrong. Baby bear last 3 days before becoming bored of being at home and every activity I suggest. And for Mia, she has settled in really well but we are having some house training issues with hers so between them both I’m struggling.


As much as I hate getting up and dressed straight away in the mornings, I’ve been trying to make sure I and Baby bear are up and out taking Mia for a walk before 8.30am each morning. Not just to get Baby bear out the house for 20-30 minutes each day but I’m finding it is helping keep Mia somewhat calmer during the day before her evening walk with Daddy bear. Going this early just helps make sure we practice social distancing while enjoying our exercise. We have also been enjoying Joe Wicks P.E. classes and Zumba routines I’ve found on Youtube.

Morning Walk

I must admit I’ve not been following the news on the COVID 19 situation, not for any reason in particular. I just don’t have the news on much with Baby bear being at home we have had Disney + on non-stop (I know bad parenting lots of screen time, this mumma is doing what she can to survive). Just to say, we have been doing different Crafts, learning and playing with toys, not just watching TV.


Hopefully, we start to find our new routine at home soon, and this will all be over soon. However, until then I hope all you lovelies are staying home if you can and staying safe.