So I’m sure you are all aware by now of my surgery and if you’re new here Hey and check my post out about what I was having done. So I am now nearly 3 weeks post-op and it hasn’t been an easy road, this was defiantly the worst recovery I’ve had yet from all the 15 surgeries I’ve had. Anyway, I’ll start from the beginning and go from there. So after warning the hospital about how I struggled to wake up after the anesthetic they put me first on the list to go down to theatre. This meant I went down for surgery around 8.45 am and was in recovery by 9.55 am. I don’t remember anything before around 11 am (when I looked at the clock). I then experienced my usual recovery confusion, asking for Daddy bear, a lot of pain, and being very sleepy. However, I quickly started to have strange feelings in my heart like there were bubbles in it. I’ve never had this before and having it between drifting between consciousness was very scary. I had a heart trace on from the surgery which the nurse was watching and it looked okay but after about 45 minutes of having it the nurse asked my surgeon for a second option and she decided to run an ECG to make sure. After 2 failed ECG’s we figured out my Stem was interfering with the readings so I had to then turn that off to get a clear reading. Everything looked okay so they put it down to the gas they had pumped into me to be able to do the surgery.

I was in recovery for 4 hours because I still wasn’t conscious enough to be back on the ward. We were also having issues with my breathing. However, with the afternoon surgeries coming out and needing beds they decided I was well enough to go back to the ward around 2.30 pm. Once I was on the ward, I spent another hour in and out of sleep with a lot of pain killers in-between. In this time, my surgeon’s assistant came round to tell me how the surgery had gone. I was informed that they were able to partially unblock my tube with the dye but couldn’t fully unblock it due to how small my tube was. They also cleared any endometriosis they could see on my womb, ovaries, and tube and removed a small cyst from my ovary.

Around 3.30 pm the nurse came round and offered me a sandwich and some water as I needed to be able to eat drink and have a wee to go home. It took me around an hour and a half to finally finish the sandwich between the sleepiness and super dry mouth. By this point I was ready to go home and with it, a lot more, all I needed to do was go for a wee. With all the swelling, gas, and painkillers I wasn’t sure if I needed the toilet or not but I was desperate to go home and that was the last thing to do before they could discharge me. I decided to get up and try anyway so with a lot of help from a nurse and a lot of pain I did my last job. I was going home, Yay. I still hadn’t seen my surgeon. While the nurse was sorting my discharge paperwork out my surgeon came round to talk to me about how the surgery went and talk me through recovery. She repeated what her assistant had told me earlier but this time she also told me there was a large area of my bowel with endometriosis that she was unable to remove. She also gave me my 2-week sick note for work and explained I had to have a 1-week strict bed rest recovery. Week 2 I can go downstairs but limited walking and no bending, lifting well anything really. She said hopefully by week 3 I should be pretty much back to normal. They then gave me my discharge paperwork and clexane injections to go home.

After a very painful car ride home, I was back in my own bed for my week to begin. I have gone through my daily recovery in my weekly check in’s if you wanted to see how I’ve been doing. However, I will say it hasn’t been straightforward forward and 3 weeks later I’m still on light duties and have a lot of pain so…