As you may know our next step in our infertility journey was to have a HyCoSy scan done to check my remaining tube. Well we finally had it done yesterday and this is how it went and what we found.

To start off with I knew it wasn’t going to feel enjoyable but I honestly didn’t think it would be as painful as it was. I also defiantly didn’t think the recovery would be as painful as it has been either… Noone could have warned me about what it would have been like.

Anyway, let’s get on with what happened, what they found and what our next steps are. I have really bad anxiety and panic attacks around scans so as expected I really struggled to sleep Monday night and all day yesterday before my scan. I never use to struggle but the more we have scans and are given bad news the worse they get. I really hope if we do end up pregnant I don’t continue to struggle like this as it will ruin scans for us, but who knows until we get there.

As always the nurses were amazing and took the time to calm my blubbering mess and comfort me as much as she could. We then went through what will happen next. She explained that to start off with they would have to do a normal internal ultrasound to check I hadn’t ovulated already and that everything looked okay to continue with the dye. If everything looked okay they would then insert the speculum to find the neck of my cervix before inserting the catheter into my uterus to inject the dye. I asked if they would let me know their finding or if I had to wait for our fertility doctor to contact us and she let me know they could tell me if I wanted to know. They couldn’t say 100% as they aren’t fertility doctors but they could tell me what they think they saw. I gave my consent through crying and stripped from the waist down (I forever seem to be taking my trousers/knickers off lately…for doctors – get your minds out the gutter. haha).

The first part of the scan went completely fine, uncomfortable but no complications. They could see a follicle in my right ovary so I hadn’t ovulated yet so we moved onto the HyCoSy part of the scan. This is where the fun begun…

This part maybe TMI so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know…

As she was getting the speculum ready I told her my cervix tilted down and she ensured me it would be okay. So I let her do her business, and when I say it was painful and they had to pin my legs open and me down, I’m not joking. No matter what she did, she couldn’t see my cervix opening at all. At 1 point she had the light right in there, the speculum and her fingers trying to find the opening so she could insert the catheter thing. In the end she let me know she was going to have to try and insert the catheter without being able to see the opening and it maybe more uncomfortable than it usually is. So after lots of panting, little yelling and a lot of tears we got the catheter in.

As they were putting in the catheter the cramping started, the nurse told me this was normal but oooo my this hurt. They then injected the dye and put the ultrasound wand back into place but this time with the speculum in. We had to wait a few minutes to let the dye spread out into the uterus. After a few minutes the dye wasn’t moving so they injected more to see if they could get the dye to travel up my tube. Which of course the more dye they injected the worse the pain got. It was at this point one of the nurses asked me if anyone had mentioned Endometriosis to me. Noone has ever mentioned it and when we have asked if it is possible I have it we was always told no as it wasn’t seen on a normal ultrasound.

It seems to go on forever, waiting to see the dye move, injecting a little more, waiting before they finally told me it was over and we was done. They didn’t say anything to me about what they saw so once I had sat up I asked. There was no way I could wait even 1 day to know what was going on. They told me that the dye didn’t travel up my tube at all so that tells them that there is a blockage in my tube. They also said they were pretty sure they saw Endometriosis so to follow that up with my doctor. They then told me that there is a possible procedure that is done in theatre which is basically the same thing as the HyCoSy scan but rougher to try and clear the blockage but that it our fertility doctors decision. We then talked through aftercare, signed some paperwork and then I could go.

I haven’t mentioned that I had to go and do all of this on my own (I know why but…) so trying to hold it all together in the waiting room before my HyCoSy scan and then after on my way out was hard. I also got stopped on my way out because they was moving a COVID-19 patient so I was left standing on a corridor with 5 other people trying not to cry and completely loose it.

I rung our fertility clinic today to try and see what the next steps are and they informed me that they hadn’t got my results back yet. So we will hopefully hear from them next week. I will of course keep you updated.

Anyway this is a very long post so I’ll wrap it up. This is good news in the sense this isn’t the end of the road for us in possibly having another child. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little upset at the idea of a small surgery or more tests. Who knows what we have ahead of us but we will get through it.