With this heatwave and the summer coming I thought I would share all the tips and tricks we have for keeping your dog cool in the hot weather. As you may know, we have Mia so these are all things we do each year and especially in this heatwave to ensure she is safe and cool at all times. The summer can mean a lot of fun for both you and your dog but it has to be done safely, heatstroke is a serious issue in dogs that can be easily prevented by following simple steps. These are ways we make sure Mia is kept safe and cool throughout the hot weather.

Early Morning or Late Night Walk.

Your dog has a fur coat on they cant remove so timing walks appropriately is vital to making sure you’re not putting your dog in any harm. So timing your walk out of the hot and humid time during the day is important. Also, make sure you are feeling the temperature with the palm of your hands before you take your dog out. If the pavement is too hot for you to touch is it too hot for your dog. Also, stay off astroturf at all times and walk on the grass as much as possible. I found these booties on Amazon but Mia won’t wear them and we don’t tend to walk Mia during the day in the summer.

Don’t Leave Them In A Car.

I know you hear this all the time but it is so serious, never leave your dog in a car ever under no circumstances. Temperatures can sore in a car even with the window cracked within minutes. So keep your dog at home if it is somewhere you cannot take them while keeping in mind where you are going and if you will be able to keep your dog cool and safe while out and about.

Plenty Of Water.

This may sound silly but I have found leaving cold bowls of water in different spots around the house and garden as it gives her options and means there is always water close by her. I add ice cubes to them to help them not only stay cold but also offer her a cold snack if she wants it. All these bowls are left out of the sun so they don’t get too warm from sunlight. Please be aware that the ones in the garden will need to be changed more regularly than the inside ones because of bugs.

Plenty Of Shade.

We like to leave the kitchen door open as it is always cool in there and that means Mia can have free roam outside and inside when she wants. However, around midday/the peaks in heat, we keep her inside to ensure she is in the shade. We also make sure there are plenty of shaded spots in the garden for her to lay in so she can still be around us while keeping cool.

Keeping Your Home Cool.

We have found by keeping curtains closed and windows closed helps keep the hot air out of the house. We also have a fan blowing in the living room at all times as that is Mia likes to be during the day. We also find opening all the doors early in the morning to help air out the house before it heats up.

Offer Cold Snacks.

Cold snacks can help cool your dog’s internal body temperature down. Ice lollies are always good but your dog can’t have too many of them. So you can also soak a rope toy in water before freezing it so your dog has something cold to chew on, you can also make Ice cubes with small treats or pieces of food in them to help encourage your dog to eat/lick them. To really treat we make Mia frozen Gravy cubes.

Grooming Regular.

For your longer hair dogs, it is important to keep on top of their grooming. Keeping their fir short and thin can help keep your dog cool in the hot weather. It can be hard enough for them with their fir coat so anything you can do to help them you should do it.

Keep Up To Date With Their Jabs.

Keep their jabs up to date, especially in summer. The parvovirus spreads in hot weather so with your dog spending more time outside, which means it’s more likely they could come in contact with something carrying rabies. Summer is also the high season for fleas, which can spread many diseases, and mosquitoes, which also carry heartworm. Also keeping on top of their regular medication to prevent these pests will help.

Lastly, I will share the signs of your dog overheating as it’s your job to look out for these are your dog can’t tell you they are struggling and feeling unwell. If your dog shows any of these signs please contact your vet as soon as possible. Some symptoms can include:

  • Heavy Panting
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Heavy Drooling
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Dark/Red gums and tongue
  • Signs of Dizziness
  • Signs of Weakness
  • Them Being Aggritative.